Updates to help you make informed trading decisions.

Introducing Neo’s newest addition: InstaTrade

InstaTrade is a feature designed to make options trading easier and faster!

Follow these three simple steps to start trading instantly:

Step 1. Select Underlying and Expiry

  • Click on InstaTrade
  • Select underlying from the drop down menu at the top
  • Change expiry directly on option chain
  • Swipe up to view full option chain

Step 2. Place an order

  • Check OI and LTP
  • Click on the strike you want to buy
  • Choose lots by using ‘+’ and ‘-‘ icon
  • Click on ‘Buy’ to place the order
  • Pro Tip: Click on ‘Save order preference’ if you use same lots every time

Step 3. Track your trades

  • Check P&L on the top of your screen
  • Click on your position
  • Choose ‘Buy More’ or ‘Square off’
  • Swipe up to view multiple positions
  • Click on ‘Insta Orders’ next to Insta Positions to see open and closed orders

Important: If you square off your trade from outside InstaTrade, the trade will continue to show in InstaTrade until expiry.