What Can IPL Teach You About Investing And Financial Planning?

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  • 28 Jan 2023
What Can IPL Teach You About Investing And Financial Planning?

The Indian Premier League, or IPL for short, is a much-awaited event for all cricket enthusiasts. It promises thrill, suspense, entertainment and lots more. The IPL also offers some important investing and financial planning lessons if looked at with some care and thought.

Learn About Financial Planning From Watching The IPL

Power Plays = Early Investing

Power plays are crucial in every IPL match. These initial overs can help a team generate many runs quickly and efficiently. When it comes to investments, power plays offer important insight into the importance of starting early and getting a headstart on financial planning. When you start saving early, you save more. Furthermore, compounding gives excellent returns if given enough time.

IPL teams = Portfolio Diversification

Every IPL team has different players: batsmen, bowlers, wicket-keepers and all-rounders. Each player is essential in their own way to make the team a cohesive whole. Similarly, you would benefit greatly from diversifying your investments in different types to create a balanced portfolio. Choose from equity, debt, gold, property, etc., and choose different assets for risk minimisation and enhanced profitability.

Consistency = Disciplined Investments

In order to win an IPL match, team players must be consistent in both batting and bowling. Similarly, a smart strategy for creating a winning portfolio is to approach investments with discipline and consistency. Save every month to accumulate a decent corpus for your financial goals.

Bad overs = Emergency Planning

One or two bad overs, and the entire match might go for a toss unless the team manages to handle the loss. Even in life, emergencies can come anytime and derail your investment planning vehicle. This is where emergency planning proves helpful. If you plan an emergency corpus, you can face unexpected situations without endangering your finances.

Game plan = Investment Strategy

Every team makes a game plan considering the opposition, pitch, weather, and strengths and weaknesses. Similarly, when making a financial plan, you need to make an investment strategy considering your financial goals, risk appetite, investment horizon and tax planning needs. Like the team prepares a winning strategy, you need to prepare your financial plan for a winning portfolio.

Coach = Professional Financial Guidance

No matter how successful or experienced the players are, they need a coach to guide them. The same applies to financial planning. While you might know about different financial aspects, expert professional guidance can help create a good portfolio and pick the right investment avenues.

Strategic time-out = Portfolio Review

In every IPL match, there is a strategic time-out to allow players to rest and review their game plan and change strategies if needed. Even in your financial planning journey, a regular review of your investment portfolio is a must to check if your financial plan is on track or not. If there is any deviation or a change of strategy needed, you can do that so that your investments align with your financial needs.

So, while you enjoy the IPL matches and cheer for your favourite teams, take some time to understand the financial lessons these matches can teach. Use these lessons to create a winning financial strategy and choose the best investment avenues.

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