Shopping Or Investing? Here's How You Can Choose Wisely!

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  • 30 Jan 2023
Shopping Or Investing? Here's How You Can Choose Wisely! | Kotak securities

In the modern world, it is not unusual to see people living off credit cards or from pay cheque to pay cheque simply because they shop a lot. It is more commonly seen in young adults who have recently started their careers. The lure of the newest ‘shiny thing’ can be hard to ignore when you first start earning. However, it is also when you should focus on building your wealth through investments. This guide outlines how and why.

Invest to generate wealth

Plan for a brighter future with significant financial security by investing in a wealth-generating instrument like an equity mutual fund that grows your wealth in the long term. You can also invest in stocks. An intelligent investment scheme will generate a corpus that can secure your future. The returns on investments you make today will also enable you to shop more liberally.

Invest to save taxes

Your earnings attract tax deductions. If you are not making tax-saving investments, you could be running at a loss. Invest in tax-saving instruments, such as PPF, tax-saving fixed deposits, life insurance, or pension schemes to get the most out of your income, investments, and finances. Don’t let taxes eat into your earnings; a timely tax-saving investment can set you up for future financial gain while saving the tax on your income. Make the wise choice for both your future and present by investing in tax-saving schemes.

Invest to achieve your goals

The key to financial success and security is smart planning. Plan your investments to achieve future goals, which may be buying a fancy car or your first home. Invest wisely to meet your goals. For this, you should invest in instruments that generate good returns. Some of these instruments are Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) for equity mutual funds, stock investments, and fixed deposits.

Invest to inculcate discipline

Discipline is what helps winners succeed. Don’t wait for lady luck; get disciplined, and take control of your future. Investing teaches discipline, which can help you avoid financial pitfalls and problems in life. Make use of the power of compounding to supercharge your investments. Discipline in spending will not only assure financial security in the future but will also spill over and uplift other areas of your life. It will help you safely navigate the vagaries of life and financial volatility.


The future always seems like a distant prospect until it is right upon you. Shopping brings temporary pleasure and satisfaction, but in the long run, it does little to improve your life and finances. In comparison, investing can seem like a drudgery that must be endured. However, sometimes, a change of perspective is all you need. Investments can appreciate over time and bring you significant financial returns and joy in the long term.

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