Best Child Education Plan: How To Invest For Your Child’s Future?

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  • 01 Mar 2023
Best Child Education Plan: How To Invest For Your Child’s Future?

An education plan is an insurance policy offering opportunities and strategies to help parents save their children's future money. The plan pays regardless of whether the parents are present on maturity, and this is called a premium exemption. It ensures that even if the parent is not available, the education plan can still help the child. Several options are presented to help tailor an education plan for your child. For example, some options and plans are specifically created for girl students in the primary education institutions of the country.

Smart Education Plan allows parents and guardians to choose from two different investment plans. This plan provides 'asset boosters' that would enable parents to grow their portfolios as their wealth grows. Using asset boosters, one can increase their portfolio up to 40 times. They also provide several incentives to parents who pay incentives on time. United Linked Insurance Plan: This plan provides financial support to children for their education and well-being in case of untimely death of their parents. The premium in these plans is paid by the insurer either for the complete tenure of the plan or for a limited time period. On the maturity of the plan, the amount of the policy is paid to the policy holder or it is paid for the education of the policy holder.

In these plans, the investor (parent) pays a premium for a fixed period of time. After the end of the term of the plan, the investor receives a guaranteed amount every year and also additional benefits for the education of children.

Child education plans guarantee certain benefits at the time of maturity of the plan. This is a special feature that is only available for child policies. Irrespective of whether the parent is available at the time of maturity of the plan, the child is still able to get the guaranteed subsidy. This payment exemption feature makes sure that your child's future is safe irrespective of whether the parent is around or not. This is highly relevant in a situation where the parent is not present anymore. This is when the child would require maximum help. The second thing that is unique about a child education plan is that it provides two benefits together. Firstly, it gives insurance cover for the child. At the same time, it provides a structure by which a parent can invest and create a fund for the child's future. Hence, these plans not only plan for any monetary requirement that a child may have in the future when it comes to education, but also adds a health-related perspective.


Having an education plan for your child helps secure your child's life and gives him/her the confidence to make the decisions without being stressed out. Parents are responsible for ensuring their children’s academic success in the future.

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