How To Link Your Aadhaar Card With LPG?

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  • 10 Mar 2023

One of the reasons for the popularity of LPG is that the gas connection is subsidised by the government, making it affordable for most Indians. If you use an LPG connection, you can get the subsidy directly into your bank account by linking your Aadhaar to your connection.

Gas companies offer a variety of ways in which you can link your Aadhaar to your LPG connection. You can do so by visiting a distributor, over a call, through IVRS or by sending an SMS.

Keep your Aadhaar card handy before you begin the process.

1) Submit Application To The Distributor:

  • Download the subsidy application form from your respective LPG gas company’s website
  • Print out the form and fill in the required details
  • Submit the form to a distributor’s office

2) Call Centre:

  • Call on 18000-2333-555
  • The operator will guide you through the rest of the steps

3) Through Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS):

  • Every LPG service provider has developed an IVRS to help users link their Aadhaar Card

  • Each district has a different IVRS code and you will be able to find it on the gas company’s company website.

a. For Indane Gas consumers: If you are Indane Gas consumer, you can find the IVRS number of your district at this link:

b. For Bharat Gas consumers: If you are using Bharat Gas connection, visit the following link: Find the IVRS number for your district and just follow instructions

c. For Hindustan Petroleum(HP) consumers: If you have an HP gas connection, go to this link and find the appropriate IVRS number and follow instructions.

4) Through Post:

Send a copy of your Aadhaar letter, mentioning your name, LPG consumer number, address and mobile number to your gas company. Visit the following links for the relevant addresses:

5) Through SMS:

If your mobile number is registered with your gas company, all you need to do is visit the company’s website, find the relevant SMS number, and send an SMS requesting that your Aadhaar be linked in the prescribed format.

How To Get LPG Subsidy In Your Bank Without Linking Aadhaar

You can receive the LPG subsidy directly in your bank account even without linking your Aadhaar card. Here’s how you can do it.

Step 1: Download Form 4 or the ‘Mandate for Non-Aadhaar based LPG Subsidy Transfer’ (

Step 2: Fill up the application and submit it to your LPG dealer.

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