A Kishore Kumar Song for Every Stock Market Emotion

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  • 22 Feb 2023

Kishore Kumar is a legend- a singer and an artist unparalleled in the history of Indian cinema. His singing capabilities have given the world an array of songs that people relate to even to this day!

Be it humming meri bheegi bheegi si after a heart break or singing phoolon ka taaro ka every rakshabandhan, Kishoreda has touched the strings of every heart across the nation and beyond.

Kishore Kumar was known for his eccentricities and his ability to adapt to various characters that he sang for! Rajesh Khanna even came out to say that ‘they were two men with the same voice’.

So, from a lover to a student, there is a Kishore da song for everyone to hum or one that relates to some situation to at one or the other point in their life! Now, when the list consists of everyone, how can we exclude our traders and stock market investors?

Let’s read a story of a young trader who is a big Kishore Kumar fan and see what songs get added to his playlist as he moves on with his stock market journey. Did he learn something from it or was it just another evening with these songs and tanhayee?

Find out what kind of financial planning will suit your future goals.

Once Upon A Time!

Our new trader started his stock market journey with a lot of josh and adrenaline! His first addition to the playlist?

Dekha na, hayy re Socha na, hayy re Rakh di nishaane pe jaan Kadmo mein tere nikle mera dum Hai bas yahi armaan...

The first correct trade is a big boost for any stock market investor or day trader. The minute their extra earnings get debited to their accounts, they are prepared to take all the risks. The heart shifts to their sleeve from its safe cage in the chest and often leads to a clouded judgment!

Was The Clouded Judgment Fruitful?

The line between being prepared for a loss and not considering it at all is greed and that is what brings us to the next song our Kishore da fan got hooked on to:

Yeh kya hua, kaise hua, kab hua Kyon hua, jab hua, tab hua Oh chodo, yeh na socho yeh kya hua...

When a loss was incurred because our trader did not consider it on the back of greed and over-confidence, these are exactly the questions that hovered over him. But, he did not stop the song there. He listened to it furthermore!

It said,

...hum kyon, shikawaa kare jhootha kya hua jo dil toota sheeshe ka khilauna tha kuchh naa kuchh to honaa tha, hua...

It is important you understand why you lost the trade and where your knowledge fell short. Our trader read more to know if there was anything he could do to avoid it and made a note of the precautionary measures for the next time.

Moving on became the best policy here since this break-up had already happened.

On A Conscious Sunny Day!

Once he realized that the losses were an effect of his attitude, he soon learned a lesson. The Kishore da song that appealed to our musical trader was:

Bach ke rehna re baba Bach ke rehna re Bach ke rehna re baba Tujh pe nazar hai

The stock market is a volatile place and it can witness sudden ups and downs at any time. A less-informed investor will get caught in the turmoil if he is not alert and intuitive.

When you understand that all those boring research reports and trading pointers had to be made interesting to be on the side of an informed trading choice, you will soon know ki yeh stock market Kaise kaise tohfe laaye!

With A Renewed Courage

Our trader understood that it is not possible to make a blockbuster profit every time he placed a trade, but it is important to be prepared for the worst and learn from those mistakes! The song that inspired him here was:

Ruk jaanaa naheen tu kahee haar ke Kaanto pe chal ke milenge saaye bahaar ke

With every misstep you take, you will draw new learnings and make new strategies of investments. Be sure that you are aware of all the vital information and are not attached to a single type of investment instrument or security.

The Trader Who Learned It All

Diversification is the key to keep a steady investment plan. If one stock faces a loss, the other investments should always be in the running to cap your losses. When our Kishore Kumar fan learned that, he added this song to his playlist:

Aa dekhen jara, Kismein kitna hai dam Jamke rakhna kadam, Mere saathiya

Always see which stock has the dum to stand for your investment goals and invest accordingly. Every kadam you take will determine you muqaddar! While some IPOs will be better to boost your portfolio, another trader might opt for calls and options. But, you must understand why every investor chooses to build their portfolios the way they do.

And Finally What Played Was...

Rote hue aate hain sab, hastaa huaa jo jaaegaa Vo muqaddar kaa sikandar jaaneman kahalaaegaa!

Our young trader’s takeaway was that losses are a part and parcel of the stock market and every trader should be prepared for it. He did shed a few tears on the money he lost, but the final outcome was to understand why it happened and implement the learning to his other investments.

If you are someone who has not faced a loss yet, then learn from the mistake of other investors to revitalize your knowledge of the market!

To become a muqaddar ka sikandar you have to learn sab kaise hua, kyu hua aur kab hua but always remember to not stop because of your losses.

Move on and Trade away!

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