A gift With A Lifetime Value For Raksha Bandhan

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  • 18 Apr 2023

A promise to love. A promise to cherish. A promise to protect.

A centuries-old tradition that has prominence in Hindu mythology, Raksha Bandhan celebrates the beautiful relationship between a brother and sister. Literally translated to ‘bond of protection’, sisters tie a talisman on their brother’s wrist to protect them from all evil. In return, the brother promises to look after his sisters.

In today’s modern times, gift-giving is a huge part of the festival. This is the one day when sisters can demand anything they want. If you are looking for a meaningful gift idea for your sister to show her how much you love and care about her, look no further.


This Raksha Bandhan, give the gift of security by buying gold for your sister. It makes for a perfect gift as it is considered auspicious, valuable and something that can be appreciated over time. It can form a dependable safety net and come in handy in times of need. Apart from this, your sister will love it. After all, what woman does not like the precious shiny yellow metal!


If you are worried that gold is too expensive and out of your budget, we have just the solution for your quandary. Digital investment in the form of Gold Exchange Traded Funds, or ETFs have made gifting gold a lot easier, safer and cost-effective.

You don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket by looking to buy an expensive piece of jewellery. Through an ETF, you can make small purchases in terms of ‘units’. Each unit is equivalent to one gram of 99.5% of pure gold. You can monitor the gold prices and buy on ‘lows’ or make periodic systematic investments to average your cost of purchase.

All you need is a trading and demat account from Kotak Securities, and you’re good to go.

Gold ETFs have been operational in India since the last 12 years and are a highly regulated investment instrument traded on the NSE and BSE. Through the ETF, you can buy/sell varying units of gold via an electronic medium. Hence, the Kotak securities app on your phone makes gold the perfect pocket-friendly investment.

Additionally purchasing digital gold is significantly cheaper. Physical gold purchased from a jeweller incurs a ‘making charge’, even if you are just purchasing a coin or bar and not actual jewellery. Depending on the brand, you could end up paying anything between 8% - 30% on making charges. This is exponentially higher than the marginal 1% annual fee you would incur on your ETF investment instrument as a management fee.

Not to mention, it saves you the worry of running the risk of loss or theft. The gold units are held in your demat account and incur no additional cost other than the annual demat charges that you would have to pay. This is common for all your other equity and mutual fund holdings as well.

One of the biggest advantages of investing in gold via an ETF is the liquidity it offers. You can sell your units through a couple of simple clicks through the Kotak Securities website or app at the prevailing market rates. You don’t need to go around hunting for a jeweller, haggle about the price and pay the making charges again!

You can either take physical delivery of your units or sell them for a cash equivalent and give your sister the joy and freedom to use the gold the way she wants to.

By investing in gold ETFs for your sister, you will not only be thinking about her on Raksha Bandhan but will safeguard her financial security and well-being for a lifetime.

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