4 Reasons To Opt For Health Insurance In Your 20s

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  • 05 Feb 2023

Health insurance is always a big requirement in life. Whether you are eight years old, or 80 years old, health problems may arise and you may require medical attention. As we all know, the health care costs are very high these days and without the backing of a health insurance cover, it becomes very difficult to pay the medical bills and afford the best treatment. This is why you should have a health insurance plan, even when you are a young adult in your 20s.

Opt For Health Insurance Early In Your Life

1. Health insurance is cheaper when you are young

Health insurance is nothing but a guarantee that when you fall ill, the insurer will pay your medical bills. A person who has health issues has a greater chance of falling ill and making a claim. The risk associated with such a person is higher and so the health insurance premium is high. However, a person in their twenties is very fit and rarely has any health complications. Thus, insuring their health is less risky for the insurance company. As a result, the premium of a young person’s health insurance policy is lower. Make use of this advantage and get a health insurance plan right away.

2. You can easily complete the waiting period

Most health insurance plans associate a waiting period clause on certain ailments. When you buy the policy as a young adult, you are less likely to need a claim and so you can easily wait out the waiting period. By the time you are older and really in need of making a claim, the waiting period clause would have been exhausted and you can make claims at any time you wish.

3. You get to build up the no claim bonus

Since you are quite unlikely to make regular claims as a person in your twenties, you can build up and conserve your no claim bonus. This will make your health insurance plan all the more affordable and give you a greater reason to keep your health covered.

4. No need for pre-policy screening tests

As stated, the insurance provider takes a risk while insuring your health. This is why they put the prospectors through many health screenings to identify the health conditions. However, in your early twenties, you are perceived to be very fit and void of any serious illnesses. This is why most health insurance plans are offered to people in their twenties without strict health screening tests. This is a huge benefit and allows you to have the policy in a quick and hassle-free manner.

It is highly beneficial to have a health insurance plan when you are young. This is why you should go online and compare the available plans and get the best mediclaim. Choose a plan with a lifelong renewability feature and keep yourself protected in the long run.

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