What is CMP in the Stock Market?

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  • 29 Dec 2023
What is CMP in the Stock Market?

Key Highlights

  • CMP's full form in the stock market is the current market price.
  • When a stock is bought or sold at the current rate, it is the market price.
  • Depending on the types of purchases and sales carried out, the current market price may also be referred to as a Current Bid Price or Ask Price for Security.

The current market price is referred to as a CMP on the stock market. This is the current price at which these shares are traded on the market. This price may be used for the purpose of purchasing or selling that share at a specific time. The value of a stock is always changing, and it's going to change with time. Even an hour later, the value of that stock will not be what it is. Therefore, the significance of CMP has always been taken into account. Thus, the most important element used by investors is the CMP.

Moreover, different factors are taken into account to determine the CMP. These might be demand and supply, company performance, the economy's situation, market sentiment, etc. The current market price of the company is going to change with time because all elements are unstable and won't remain so.

You should examine the reason why it is essential to consider CMP after you have learned what CMP stands for on the stock market. As an investor, this element tells you the current price of a stock. By completing some technical and fundamental research, taking into account the last several CMP prices, you can also use CMP to predict the stock's future performance.

CMP's not the same, but what you guessed a minute ago may have changed in another instant. For this reason, it is important to keep track of previous CMPs in order to determine future CMPs.

There are three different ways in which the current market price can be used in the stock market. This means market orders, restriction orders, and stop loss orders.

1. Market Order Market orders are orders where the trader buys and sells a stock at an already established price in the market. This type of trade is carried out immediately and has a lower chance of being cancelled. There are two types of market orders available to traders, buy and sell orders, the difference between them being that a share is purchased or sold.

2. Stop Loss Order If the price of a stock drops suddenly, traders will be required to place stop-loss orders to reduce their losses. After the trader has bought or sold his shares, this order will be placed with a broker. The trader is helping to prevent large losses in the event of market decline when he has set a stop loss. A CMP sell order is placed at a price below CMP, while a CMP buy order is placed at a price above CMP.

3. Limit Order A limit order is the trader placing orders for a specific quantity of stock to be bought or sold. This order will be executed only when another trader offers the same quantity of shares at the former trader's desired price. The limit order is only valid on certain days, and the broker immediately deletes all remaining orders at the end of the trading day. The trader may change the ceiling price or place an order for a further day of trading if his limit order has been cancelled.

How to Find CMP in the Stock Market?

The way to find CMP in the stock market is as follows.

  • Many websites such as NSE, BSE and any authorised platform allow you to see current market prices for all stocks.
  • The trader should know which stocks he wants to trade, which will make it easy for him to search the current market price and the last traded price of the stock to know the CMP of the stock.


The price at which the transaction can take place on the stock market is known as a Current Market Price. It's a great way for traders to understand how stocks work in the market. Every minute of a trading day, the CMP changes in the stock market. These are available on stock market trading platforms and websites.

The previous trading price for the stock should be distinct from the market price. It would be optional to have the same LTP and CMP values for a stock. You need to know all the important terms that are used in the stock market before starting trading, which can help you become a better trader and investor.

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FAQs on CMP in the Stock Market

CMP is the current market price of securities or shares listed on the stock exchange. In real-time, it shows the price at which a certain stock or financial instrument is being purchased or sold.

The total market worth of a firm expressed in monetary terms is known as market capitalisation or "market cap". Since the company's market value is represented by shares and the total number of outstanding shares, it will be computed on the basis of its current market price.

The current market value is CMP on the stock market, whereas LTP has been the last traded price.

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