Understanding How You Can Gift Shares to your Loved Once

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  • 06 Oct 2023
Understanding How You Can Gift Shares to your Loved Once

Key Highlights

  • Giving a share of company stock could possibly help them one day create enough money to acquire that one thing they don't have but have always desired.
  • Buying gifts that adults truly want without going broke is not an easy chore.
  • Kids are more difficult to convince because they usually don't have any long-term goals for which they are saving money.
  • However, educating children early on about money management and investment will benefit them in the long run.

It will be necessary to transfer the actual stock if it is kept in certificate form. When endorsing the shares, the owner must do it in the presence of a guarantor, who could be their bank or broker.

On the certificate's back, there might also be a form related to ownership transfers. The certificate will become transferrable and non-negotiable after it has been completed.

Typically, equities are maintained electronically in a brokerage account rather than in physical form. The stock donor has the option to transfer all or a portion of their stock in a certain company. Many brokers permit gifts of shares on a recurring basis. For instance, a sender might work out a plan with their broker to provide shares to a child every year on their birthday.

The sender must provide written consent and specific transfer instructions for the majority of brokerage accounts. Brokers typically offer an online form where you may enter information like:

Sender's Information

  • Account name and address
  • Account number
  • Details of the stock, including quantity and company name

Recipient's Information

  • Account name
  • Social Security number
  • Account number

It's typically simple to transfer shares within the same brokerage. However, if it's going to a different bank institution, the sender should get in touch with them to find out how to complete the transfer specifically through their institution. Given that shares can be transferred electronically, they'll probably give an address for the formal consent or the transfer instructions.

Before moving through with the transfer, it is crucial to confirm that an account has been established with the receiving broker. This guarantees a simple procedure.

Returns Could Be Very High

You may be able to increase the rate of return on your investment by investing in stocks. Thus, visiting here offers the chance to gradually increase your wealth and amass resources for a variety of aims in life. You can make a sizeable fortune if you invest in shares of a reputable company and hold onto them for a long time.

It Beats the Impacts of Inflation

The progressive rise in price levels over time in an economy is known as inflation. It decreases the worth of your investments and the purchasing power of your money. In a year, a food item that is currently 100 rupees in price could be 120 rupees. Returns on bank FDs and PPFs are not likely to outperform inflation. They are unable to combat inflation as a result adequately. The gains from the stock market are much higher and can help you outpace inflation if you stay invested over the long term.


One of the guiding principles of investing is diversification. On the stock market, you can invest in a variety of asset classes, including debt instruments, common stock, preference shares, large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap stocks. By investing in a variety of securities, you may spread your risk. As a result, if one's returns decrease, the other can make up for it. Over diversification must be avoided, though, as it will not add any genuine value to your investment.


Giving stocks as a gift is a unique and considerate method to invest in someone's future while also providing the possibility of considerable long-term financial success. In addition to putting kids on the road to financial independence, teaching them about long-term investments and financial planning gives them the confidence to pursue their dreams and aspirations. The advantages of investing in stocks with reputed companies like Kotak Securities include high returns, protection from inflation, and diversification options. To secure a better financial future and benefit from the potential advantages of stock market investing, investigate investment alternatives at Kotak Securities right now.

FAQs on Gifting Stocks

To gift stocks in India, you can transfer them electronically through a brokerage account, complete the required forms, and provide recipient details.

Yes, gifting stocks may have tax implications, including capital gains tax for the recipient. Consult a tax expert for guidance.

Yes, you can gift a single share of a stock to introduce someone to investing. It's a unique and educational gift.

Yes, a brokerage account is typically necessary to facilitate the transfer of stocks as gifts.

There are no specific age restrictions, but it's advisable to educate recipients about stocks and financial responsibility, especially for minors.

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