The Complete Guide to Hockey Stick Chart Pattern

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  • 20 Nov 2023
The Complete Guide to Hockey Stick Chart Pattern

Key Highlights

  • The hockey stick chart is simply a line graph or chart. The name of the chart comes from its shape, which resembles a hockey stick.

  • The line's form is a steeply rising curve that appears following a dormant or inactive phase.

  • A hockey stick chart is a common tool in finance to illustrate noteworthy increases in earnings, earnings before interest (EBI), taxes, and other financial statistics.

  • Higher accuracy in predicting trends and more profits with low risk are some of the notable advantages.

Let’s start with the hockey stick chart pattern definition. The hockey stick pattern is a technical analysis trend that traders use to predict price fluctuations in an asset or security. Traders may use historical data analysis and a combination of many indicators to find this pattern on charts. They can use it to forecast future trends. The pattern resembles a stick with a bent blade at the end.

It suggests that the asset's price increased quickly following a period of stagnation and then fell sharply. This pattern represents the point at which the actions of buyers override those of sellers. This leads to a sudden increase in prices. A phase of inaction during which growth is slow is represented by the line joining the data points. The inflection is a curve that denotes fast growth in the initial period. It is followed by a lengthy shaft. It symbolises steady and swift growth.

The handle, inflection, and blade are the three parts of a hockey stick design. Let's look at each of them one by one.

  • Blade: The pattern starts with a phase of stability or gradual growth. It is usually shown as a nearly horizontal or slightly inclined line. It resembles the blade of a hockey stick. Due to its shape, it is referred to as the "blade phase" of the hockey stick pattern.

  • Inflection: The sudden and sharp upward curve that follows the first flat phase is the most distinctive feature.

  • Handle: The hockey stick growth denotes a continuous upward trajectory and a quick exponential increase. It is the last stage of the formation. A spike in trade volume typically occurs during the steep rising phase. This confirms the strength of this formation. This curve indicates a growth in the asset's value, like the shaft of a hockey stick.

The pattern develops throughout a range of periods, from days to months. So, traders need to be alert at different time intervals.

A hockey stick pattern on a revenue growth chart may suggest that interest in a company's goods or services is high. Growing sales volume might be a sign that the company's share price is about to rise as more and more customers show interest in its offerings. This is because more customers will increase demand, which would raise the income of a company.

The company grows as its revenue continues to increase. It is expected that its share price will also increase. This presents an opportunity for investors to invest in the company.

If sales volumes are rising, individuals can go for hockey stick pattern trading by opening a long position. There are some suitable financial instruments to do so. Contracts for differences (CFDs) are a good example. They are financial derivatives that let you speculate on an asset's price without really owning it. So, you can take long positions with them. Further, you might purchase stocks. You will then become a shareholder. You may also be entitled to vote and earn dividends.

The following are the key advantages of trading with the hockey stick pattern.

1. Increased accuracy in predicting market trends: Traders can determine whether prices are going to climb or fall by examining trends in price movements. The hockey stick chart pattern takes into account both historical trends and present market conditions. So, the hockey stick pattern is extremely good at predicting future prices. Traders can minimise risk and maximise returns by using the insights offered by the hockey stick pattern. The hockey stick layout is not only accurate but also quite user-friendly. This straightforward and effective strategy is easy to implement. Even inexperienced traders who have no technical tool expertise can use it. So, it is a good option for anybody trying to improve their trading strategy.

2. Higher Profits with Lower Risk: The hockey stick pattern is quite good for making price predictions. However, it may also assist traders in optimising their portfolio management approaches. Traders can take suitable long or short positions by adjusting their holdings based on their analysis of the probable upward or downward trending markets. With less exposure to downside risk, traders may increase their gains. Traders who employ the hockey stick pattern can allocate capital in appropriate ways for consistent profits. This is because they have more faith in their ability to predict market movements. With this strategy, traders may create a diversified portfolio. They can optimise it for their specific financial objectives.

3. Ability to enter trades with confidence: Having more confidence is perhaps one of the hockey stick pattern's biggest advantages. Regular users of this indicator learn to track important technical indicators that drive market movements. They develop an understanding of the various elements influencing price dynamics. Therefore, these traders are able to enter trades with more confidence. So, the hockey stick pattern helps investors make better decisions in real time.

It's important to recognise the limitations of the hockey stick pattern, even if it provides useful information. Just like any other chart pattern, the hockey stick can sometimes give false signals. It is advisable for traders to use this pattern in conjunction with additional indicators to validate signals.


The hockey stick chart pattern is a useful indicator when looking for opportunities in the financial markets. It identifies periods of rapid price increases after stagnation. It has three phases. They include the blade, inflection, and handle across different time intervals. The pattern usually indicates an increasing interest in a company’s offerings. By comprehending the features of this formation, individuals can profit from notable price rises. But it's crucial to keep in mind that no pattern is perfect. The hockey stick pattern can also give false signals at times. So, risk mitigation is very crucial.

FAQs on Hockey Stick Pattern

Factors like the development of a product or service, market adoption, scaling efforts, etc. can lead to a hockey stick pattern.

Hockey stick patterns are significant as they often signal a potential breakout or trend reversal. Traders can look for these patterns to find out the potential entry or exit points.

No, a hockey stick pattern can appear in any market or timeframe. It is not limited to a particular asset class or time frame.

Yes, hockey stick patterns can be used in both bullish and bearish markets. Traders can look for the pattern to identify trends in both rising and falling directions.

Yes, investors can use the hockey stick pattern for both short-term and long-term investing, depending on the time frame of the chart being analysed.

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