Buy Now Sell Tomorrow (BNST)

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  • 03 Mar 2023
Buy Now And Sell Tomorrow

The stock market settlement cycle operates on a T+2 basis. This means when you buy shares of a company, they are credited to the demat account two days later on the settlement day. If you sell your shares, you receive the money on the settlement day two days later. The Buy Now Sell Tomorrow or BNST allows you to sell shares you bought before the settlement day.

The facility is available for both online and offline trading customers.

What Are The Benefits

  • Buy Now Sell Tomorrow enhances liquidity for you.
  • Help minimize losses for you Suppose you bought a stock on Monday, and want to sell it before the settlement, you can do so using BNST. So, you need not wait till the third day to sell those shares.

In case of short allotment you will have to arrange for the shares to settle the short allotment, if any. It is advisable to trade in highly liquid Group A stocks to avoid auction penalty.

The shares that have been bought and subsequently sold under BNST would be first credited and then debited from your Demat Account as per normal pay in and pay out. A customer will not be required to do anything different from a normal transaction.

Margin release post selling stocks under BNST depends upon stocks’ multiple. Please check Margin Requirements page for details.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The brokerage would be charged as per normal delivery brokerage on either side of the transaction.

You cannot sell BNST shares in an exchange other than the exchange through which you have bought the shares from.

You can sell the stocks purchased on the previous trading day by visiting the Sell from existing stock page. The immediate credit received against the sale of these stocks will differ from stock to stock.

The BNST credit information on these stocks is available on the Sell from existing stock page itself. If you want to know BNST % credit in advance you can view under Customer Service -> Important Messages -> Multiple Change.

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