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What Is Serial Number In The Electoral Roll?

What is an Electoral Roll?

Generally recognized as ‘voter list’, an electoral roll is a list of individuals listed as voters living in an area. For appropriate management, the electoral roll of an area is distributed into numerous parts, which comprise particulars of voters of the corresponding voting areas. The appropriately listed voters can vote in Indian Elections. The minimum age for registering in an electoral roll is eighteen years. 

What is a Functional Unique Serial Number (FUSN)?

Every EPIC (Electoral Photo ID Card) is allotted under a matchless EPIC Number. It is an alphanumeric series with three alphabetical codes followed by a seven-digit number. The Functional Unique Serial Number (FUSN) code is the first three alphabetical codes. Unique for each Assembly Constituency, it is delivered by the Election Commission. Following the FUSN code is a numeric code - a six-digit serial number and a one-digit checksum creating a total of seven digits.

Every listed voter in India will have a Part Number and a Serial Number on his/her Voter ID card. These numbers aid the voter to classify their profiles precisely. A Serial Number in your Voter ID card is very significant as it is obligatory just in case you wish to make amendments to your Voter ID Card.

How to Find the Serial Number in the Electoral Roll?

You can check the Serial Number in the electoral roll by two ways: 

  • Check the Voter ID card of your any relative or neighbor living either at the same address or the same area as yours. The Serial Number will on the front side of your Voter ID Card.
  • Search it online by visiting the Election Commission of India’s website at www.eci.nic.in  
    • Select the state you belong to from the list of all Indian states.
    • Select your district.
    • Search your profile by entering your complete name or EPIC Number.
    • Click on “Proceed”, after you have entered the correct information.
    • A list of profiles that match your search criteria appears on the screen; select the profile that matches yours.
    • After you have retrieved your profile, you will find all the information about your Voter ID Card.

Following these steps, you can now easily search for your serial number and get a new voter ID card in case you have misplaced yours or apply for a fresh voter ID card for the first time.

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