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Bad Credit Loans - Tips to get low credit score loans

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Publish Date: November 05th, 2019

By: Sandhya Kannan, Head – Content

Timely credit or personal loan can be hugely beneficial in either consolidating your debts or funding large purchases. Moreover, an unsecured loan does not require you to raise your home or vehicle as collateral like the way other loans do.

But, if you have a low credit score, loans can be tricky. Typically, on bad credit, loans are not approved by most lending institutions. Individuals with poor credit ratings generally face numerous challenges when applying for a personal loan.

However, in spite of poor credit, loans can be possible. An individual may be able to qualify on loans for bad credit score for even with a limited credit history. However, such loans may come with expensive borrowing and restrictive choices.

Let's look into how you can get a loan with poor credit. Just because your credit score is not up to the mark, it does not mean that you cannot get a loan. However, it also means that the process of obtaining a loan may not be as easy as it would been with a good credit score. You may need to conduct some research and choose from options on the right loan product with the best interest rate. But first, let's look into the following steps.

  • Obtain your personal data. Before you begin applying for personal loans and be faced with possible rejections, you need to get a fair semblance of where you currently stand. Understanding your current credit position can help you with how you are viewed from the perspective of a potential lending institution. Check your credit score to rule out any errors or discrepancies. On average, lenders consider credit scores from 750 and above. If your score falls below the required rating, the next step is to look into improving your credit score.
  • Boost your credit score before applying for the loan. If your credit score is far from illustrious, you may need to wait for a while before applying for a loan. During the interim waiting period, improve your credit score by paying off debts, disputing any errors you notice in your credit report and cutting down the number of hard credit inquiries on your credit history. These steps can help your score to rebound. Scrutinizing your credit reports can also give you an excellent indication of where you stand and your current position with any creditor. Furthermore, your credit report can also offer you insight on how you need to go about mending and boosting your credit score before applying for any loans.
  • Research extensively on lending options. It is highly recommended to apply from trusted lenders with industry-leading lending standards. Although there are loans available for people with poor credit scores, such loans may not be trustworthy. Besides, they may come with exorbitant interest rates and limited borrowing options. Shop around for different types of lenders and avoid doing business with less reputed lending institutions. This is because several unknown lenders promise loans to individuals with damaged or bad credit, but could have a dubious reputation. For instance, you may be asked to pay an advance fee for a loan, but it could be a fraudulent scam. Typically, people with low credit scores are more susceptible to scams and fraudulent lenders. If you are asked for advance payment before being provided with the credit, you may want to review it as a red flag. Additionally, do not offer any sensitive data such as your bank account details, passwords, and other sensitive credentials without looking into the legal documentation of the loan.


Conduct adequate research before applying for any form of a loan, especially if you have a poor credit score. Typically, with a bad credit score loan can get tricky, but not impossible. Although a personal loan can help you get your finances in check, sometimes it could be detrimental to your financial problems. As you improve your credit score, look at placing long-term financial goals by making the right investments with well-known and established brokers such as Kotak Securities. Investing for your future and improving your credit score at the same time can ensure robust financial health and independence.

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