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TradeSmart Insights

There are thousands of stocks listed in the stock market on two different exchanges. This is just the Indian market. There are so many exchanges around the world. In a globalized world, each market matters. So imagine the amount of information you would have to process while trading in the stock markets.

This is why we came up with TradeSmart Insights.

TradeSmart Insights is an application that helps you gain live insights about the stock markets, identify market sentiment, get instant alerts, and see what brokerages are recommending. On the whole, it helps you take better informed decisions.

Features of TradeSmart Insights

Insights from a Million Sources:

In the stock market, it is all about timing.Getting to see live stock quotes is not new. Seeing news streaming in real time is. TradeSmart Insights helps you get live news from million sources around the world, thus helping you be on top of the markets. This includes not just Indian stocks, but over 35,000 stocks from across world markets.

Know Good, Know Bad:

We understand too much news may be overwhelming.That’s why Insights helps you customize your news reading experience. Not only do you get streaming news, but you also get news categorized into positive and negative news. You can also customize news based on the sources, geography and stocks in your portfolio.

Instant Opportunities from Instant Alerts:

Taking a break? Out for a meeting? Even if you are not monitoring your stocks, Insights will always do the needful. It will send instant news alerts for different asset classes across markets. Identifying news early can help you capitalize on opportunities.


Correlate Sentiment and Price:

Good news cheers the markets; bad news leads to large-scale selling as market turns bearish. It is, thus, all about the sentiment. Simply knowing the news is not enough, also understand how it affects market sentiment and drive prices. TradeSmart Insights can help you here. And no, you don’t have to pour over complicated charts. Simply look at the Sentiment HeatMap, identify changing market sentiment and correlate it with the stock price movement – all in one simple snapshot.

Upgraded Decision-making, Downgraded Guess-work:

Analysts regularly publish reports about stocks and their outlook. Based on this, they rate a stock. Any change in this rating often causes stock prices to fall or rise. TradeSmart Insights allows you to monitor this activity. One single screen provides you live information of all stock upgrades and downgrades by ratings agencies and stock market analysts. Your decisions will no longer a guess.

Benefits of TradeSmart Insights

Information in one place:

Insights streams live news, helps you capture market sentiment, impact on stock prices, as well as keep an eye on stock ratings. Simply put, it helps you keep an eye on almost everything that affects stock’s prices. So, all your information needs are available in one place.


Be TradeReady, TradeSmart:

What more can be said about the importance of getting the right information at the right time? Insights helps you get both right – the content as well as the timing. It thus helps you trade at the earliest in reaction to a particular news development. After all, the early bird gets the worm.


Capture sentiment:

Understand market sentiment is not easy. It is abstract and ever-changing. Yet, it is extremely important. If you know market sentiment, you can correctly forecast the future stock price. This will help you conduct more profitable trades.


Saves time:

Gone will be the days when you have ten browser tabs open giving you news and information from different sources.Imagine now much time it took to keep shuffling between web-pages, TV channels, and all your other news sources. Not any more with TradeSmart Insights.


Ease of use:

You have to play with a lot of numbers while trading in the stock market. Not just numbers, but also charts and graphical trend lines. It can get confusing. TradeSmart Insights helps simplify by showcasing all the information in simple,easy-to-understand screens.

How it helps
  • Insights from million sources
  • Correlate market sentiment & price
  • Get instant alerts

+ Expand AllFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Q For whom is this facility available?

    This facility is available for Kotak Securities customers.
  • Q What is TradeSmart Insight?

    Tradesmart Insight helps you to track relevant news from millions of news sources.
  • Q How does it work?

    TradeSmart insight grabs real-time news form millions of reliable sources and segregate news in neutral, negative and positive
  • Q How do I subscribe it?

    Goto >>My account>>TradeSmart Products > and select subscription.
  • Q How do I check the top trending news in financial market?

    The home page of Tradesmart insights provides you the top trending news from the financial world in last 24 hours.
  • Q How can I use the news feature?

    The news items on the dashboard are collected from millions of sources and categorized into positive, negative and neutral with the count for each category. The count represents number of sources reporting the same news item.
  • Q Can I get company specific news?

    Yes, you can get company specific news, for this you need to type the company name in the search bar and select the company from dropdown options. Once on the company dashboard, you will get all the news specific to that company. Also the latest recommendations by various analysts and brokerage houses are available here.
  • Q For whom is this facility available?

    This facility is available for Kotak Securities customers.
  • Q Can I get the recent upgrades and downgrades done by rating agencies?

    Yes, you can search for rating agencies like fitch, moodys, S&P to see news from these agencies. The search bar can also be used for brokerage firms. For eg. : searching for CLSA will display all recent upgrades and downgrades issued by CLSA
  • Q Does Tradesmart Insight provide news from international financial firms?

    Yes, Tradesmart Insights provides news from international firms. User can search for international investors like Jim Rogers and George Soros, investment banks like Golman Sachs and Private Equity firms.
  • Q Do we track social media websites and socially active analysts?

    Yes, Tradesmart Insights continuously tracks social media websites like twitter, analyses the news and creates a sentiment graph.