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TradeSmart Derivatives

In the derivatives market, you have so many contracts being traded every second –call options, put options, futures contracts, so on and so forth. Monitoring everything can be quite a hassle.

This is why Kotak Securities brings you the TradeSmart Derivatives, a tool to analyze complex information in a simple manner. It isn’t just smarter, it is way smarter that most derivative tools available.

If you are a derivative trader or are planning to invest in the derivatives market, this tool will provide first-hand insights to make the best trade decisions instantly and smartly. By using our Derivatives tool, you will no longer have to search for opportunities. It will be all available at your beck and call.

Features of TradeSmart Derivatives

One-click Snapshot:

Need to know what is happening in the market? Simply use the heat map feature. You instantly get an analysis of all derivative stocks being traded. What’s more, these are categorized on the basis of their type of position – long built-up, long unwinding, short covering and short built-up.

Hugely Informative, Enormously action packed:

All your information needs are packed in one single graphical screen – the dashboard. It provides you the relevant derivative information needed for taking positions in futures and options. It also shows you other details like the most active call and put contracts, rollover percentage, market-wide position limits, open interests, volatility, put-call ratios and much more. Making a decision couldn’t get easier.

A Strategy for Every Need:

Our Derivatives tool has an artificial brain. It does half your job. Specify a price target and date, your risk preferences and you will get a list of strategies you can use. You will also get to know the payoffs, the break-even points, risk reward ratios, maximum profit and loss. Amazing, isn’t it?


Know what others don’t know:

This unique screen will provide information on positions built up in 15-minute intervals. You can then decide what positions you would want to take based on this exclusive information.

Spot the Unusual:

In a market which has over 10,000 contracts traded, how do you identify unusual activities, which may turn out to be profitable trading opportunities? The Unusual Activities screen provides you several criteria to identify bullish and bearish activities, breakout events and much more. Now, you can effectively find the needle in the haystack.


Get to Know the Market Pulse:

The derivatives market closely follows the price trends in the usual secondary market, where shares are traded. This is why traders also track stock prices in the spot market. We know that and that is why, we bring you the Market Pulse feature. In this screen, scan the market and get real-time information on stocks, which are crossing key support and resistance levels. Know which stocks are trading lower or higher than their earlier Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP); which stocks opened higher than their previous high and more.

Benefits of TradeSmart Derivatives


Derivatives trading is not everyone’s cup of tea. It needs sophisticated tools and knowledge. Mostly importantly, it needs patience and time to monitor both the huge derivatives market as well as the stocks traded in the spot market. If you ever thought this process was too complicated, then TradeSmart Derivatives is for you. Now, you can do all the monitoring in a single place in a simple and easy manner.


Save time:

It is not only simple, but also saves a lot of your time. No more running after information from different sources; no more need to open multiple browser windows and applications; no need for time-consuming research and paperwork.


Be on top of markets:

Don’t just save time, but be on top of the markets. Get the right information and use it to trade at the correct time. Timing, after all, can mean the difference between losses and profits.


Understand the trends:

Market sentiment is the driving force in the markets. It is often hard to understand, and even harder to predict. Yet, knowing the sentiment can help you forecast prices effectively. Our Derivatives tool can help you know the market sentiment by identifying stocks at key levels, monitoring unusual activity in the market at the earliest, and most importantly, having the latest market information.

How it helps
  • One click snapshot
  • Spot the unusual
  • Get customized trading strategy

+ Expand AllFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Q What is TradeSmart Derivative?

    Tradesmart Derivatives is the real time price analytics platform for Derivative traders. It provides high quality visuals and detailed information to help traders find the right opportunities in these fast moving markets.
  • Q Who can avail this facility?

    All customers having an account with Kotak Securities including NRIs can avail this facility.
  • Q What is Heatmap?

    The heat map gives you a snapshot of the long-short built up and the corresponding price analytics.
  • Q What is FNO Pulse?

    The Fno pulse scans through the market and generates updates based on predefined conditions. Clicking on a Stock’s name takes you to its dashboard where you can view the Stock’s entire trading activity on a single screen.
  • Q What is available under sectorial view?

    You will get overall sectorial view based on avg values of price gain, % OI , % volume, % rollover.
  • Q What is available under Options Analytics?

    Unique combination of eight graphs viz. IV(for that particular call/put) and Greeks like Delta, Theta for better understanding of options movement.
  • Q What is built-up Screen.

    TradeSmart Derivative calculates positions built in market with a interval of 15 min
  • Q What kind of information is available under Company Dashbord?

    Company Dashboard shows real-time spot & futures price for Near, Next and Far months , Premium/Disc , Rollover , Active calls/puts , Implied Volatility , Historical Volatility , Built-up , OI change , PCR OI , PCR Vol , Fresh & Sq off , MWPL , Volume change and OI breakup.
  • Q Is Derivative quotes available under TradeSmart Derivative?

    Yes! Derivatives Live quotes are available for all expiries and Can be filtered sector-wise.
  • Q Is there any information available on FII trades and volume?

    FII Analytics options provide day wise Funds flow from FII, DII, MF.