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Stock Market Alerts via SMS

At Kotak Securities, we pride ourselves on the quality of research that our research team puts out there, every single day. We offer you the option to receive insightful stock recommendations via SMS.

  • Real-time alerts
    Our research team thoroughly analyses the markets on a daily basis and tells you the expected price movements of top stocks for the day. They also make stock recommendations during market hours on the basis of the real-time trend.
  • Ease of access
    While you can access the in-depth version of each report online on our website or on email, you can also get the best stock recommendations, industry insights, economy trends and a lot more sent in small, easily digestible snippets right to your mobile phone through our stock SMS alerts.
  • Tailor made
    We provide you with stock SMS alerts for different uses, trading segments, and financial instruments. Getting all kinds of alerts even when you do not need could be irritating. So, we give you the option of deciding what SMS alerts you want by tailoring it to suit your requirements.

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Why SMS Alerts?
  • Easy access to research
  • Timely advice
  • Convenience
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