Kotak Education Foundation Projects

Mumbai, Maharashtra

The Kotak Education Foundation was set up in FY2006-07 with a purpose to support children and youth from underprivileged families through different education based interventions on a sustainable basis. KEF’s interventions are designed to encourage recipients and provide employable skills, which will enable them to lead an empowered life.

The following initiatives were undertaken under the Kotak Education Foundation Project:

  1. Project Excel provided financial assistance to meritorious and under-privileged scholars to pursue higher education (10th to graduation) enabling them to live an empowered life. 209 such meritorious deserving students were supported under this scholarship initiative in FY2021 – 2022.
  2. Kotak Shiksha Nidhi, an initiative to provide financial assistance to students who have lost a parent/parents and/or a primary earning family member to COVID-19, for the purposes of completing their education. It is a collaborative CSR Project on Education & Livelihood of Kotak Mahindra Group companies. About 215 students have been supported through this initiative.
CSR Commitee
Driving Positive Change through Leadership
Our CSR committee develops and implements initiatives aligned with the company's vision to ensure goals are met, with a passion for making a difference in the lives of those in need.

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