Diwali Muhurat Trading 2022: Date, Timings, and Stocks to Watch

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  • 26 Apr 2023

As we enter the Diwali season, there is one key event traders and investors are looking forward to. It’s the auspicious Muhurat Trading Session.

The event finds its place as the auspicious stock market trading, which is conducted for an hour on Diwali, by the stock market exchanges. The practice is in line with the traditions of traders who used to begin their commerce on the festival day by paying obeisance to the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi.

It also holds importance in the investing world as the session kick-starts the new Samvat each year. This is the year that starts on Diwali according to the Hindu calendar.

According to this calendar, investors believe Muhurat trading brings wealth and prosperity in the following year.

For the business community, the new financial year commences with Diwali as they popularly perform the ‘Chopda Puja’ where old accounting books are closed and new ones open marking the start of new business year.

The Muhurat trading this year is the beginning of Samvat 2079.

The time of the Muhurat trading is specified by the national stock exchanges—BSE and NSE.

This year, the Muhurat trading session will be held on 24th October, 2022.

The stock exchanges will conduct a special Muhurat live trading session for an hour, the timings for which are as below:

Muhurat Trading Session Market Timings
Block Deal Session
5:45 PM to 6:00 PM
Pre-open Session
6:00 PM to 6:08 PM
Normal Market Session
6:15 PM to 7:15 PM
Call Auction Session
6:20 PM to 7:05 PM
Closing Session
7:25 PM to 7:35 PM

All trades executed in the Diwali Muhurat trading session would result in settlement obligations.

Investors usually prefer buying stocks in their portfolio during this session every year and historical performance shows the session usually ending on a positive note.

Trading volumes, however, are usually low as few stocks move during the short duration.

Generally, trades executed during the Muhurat trading are similar to normal trades and the exchange workings stay the same, except for their regular timings.

On the basis of our assessment of markets, sectors and stocks, we have identified some stock ideas which are potentially expected to do well this Samvat.

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You should also check out our Diwali Special Webinar on Samvat 2079 to get an in-depth outlook for the upcoming New Year. Tune in below!

We wish you a Happy Diwali and a Prosperous Samvat 2079.

Happy Investing!

Team Kotak Securities

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