Godrej Group: The Story of Godrej Group From Locks to Satellites

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  • 21 Apr 2023

Godrej Group is an Indian multinational conglomerate operating in various sectors. Here’s a look:

1. Comprehensive Business Verticals Of Godrej Group

2. Key Milestones Over The Decades

1897 - Ardeshir Godrej, after a few failed ventures, sets up a lock company.

1918 - Launched Chavi, world’s first soap made with vegetable oil and not with animal fat.

1923 – Entered into furniture business.

1958 - Entered into home appliances business.

1974 - Launched their first hair colour.

1990 - Establishment of Godrej Properties.

1991 - Godrej Agrovet was incorporated.

1994 - Launched Goodnight and Hit spray.

2005 - Entered into gourmet retail.

2015 - Creation of Godrej One.

2016 - Acquiring 51% stake in Indian Circus, making it a part of Godrej group.

2017 - Godrej Agrovet gets publicly listed.

2019 - Building world’s tallest reactor.

3. The Joint Ventures: Of Marriages & Divorces

Through the past 25 years, the group has entered into 8 JVs with foreign companies.

The only one to have survived is JV of Godrej Agrovet and US-based Tyson Foods.

Godrej Groups failed JV partners

4. Consumer Products: Key Area Of Acquisitions

Godrej Group’s most targeted sector in acquisition include consumer products (93%) and engineering (8%). From 2010 till date, Godrej Consumer (GCPL), a key subsidiary, has acquired at least 11 companies across countries. As of today, GCPL earns 47% of its revenues and 41% of its operating profit from markets outside India. As compared to the time when only Godrej Industries was listed at Market Cap of 18.5 Cr. (As of June 2001 before demerger and listing of Godrej consumer.)

5. The Godrej Industries As We Know It Today

Godrej industries was incorporated in March 1988 and went public in April 1993

The unlisted part of the group

Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. (G&B) is the flagship company. Established in 1897 in Mumbai, G&B is a privately held company with a presence across 10 industries.

6. Who Runs The Godrej Group?

  • Adi Burjorji Godrej - Head of the Godrej family and chairman of the Group.

  • Nadir Burjorji Godrej - Current MD of Godrej Industries and chairman of Godrej Agrovet.

  • Jamshyd Naoroji Godrej - D and Chairman of G&B. Nisa Godrej - Chairperson of Godrej Consumer Products.

  • Tanya Dubash - Executive Director and chief brand officer at the Godrej Group.

7. What’s The Business Of Godrej Industries?

  • A holding company of the different companies owned by the Godrej group.

  • Its own businesses are chemicals, estate management, and finance & investments.

8. Business Of Associate Companies

Godrej Agrovet - Biggest Player in Animal feed business & largest oil palm developer in India.

Godrej Consumer Products - FMCG business, deals in soap, hair colourants, toiletries, and liquid detergents.

Godrej Properties - One of the leading real estate development companies in India.

9. Godrej’s Philanthropic Trust

The Godrej Group has several philanthropic trusts which actively support education, environmental conservation and healthcare. Key trust are Pirojsha Godrej Foundation, The Godrej Foundation, The Soonabai Pirojsha Godrej Foundation & The Godrej Memorial Trust.

10. Godrej Industries – Then And Now

As compared to the time when only Godrej Industries was listed at 18.5 Cr. (As of June 2001 before demerger and listing of Godrej consumer.)

Source: Bloomberg, Moneycontrol & Trading view.com

11. How Have Godrej Industries’ Shareholders Been Rewarded?

Over the past 20 years, Godrej Industries has given a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 36.4% as compared to the Nifty50’s return of 15% per year.

Source: Bloomberg, Moneycontrol & Trading view.com

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