What is Input Tax Credit?

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  • 27 Dec 2023
What is Input Tax Credit?

Key Highlights

  • The tax paid at the time of the original purchase of products that lowers the tax liability upon selling the goods or services is known as the Input Tax Credit (ITC).
  • Dealers are all responsible for output tax on taxable sales made throughout their business.
  • One can deduct the output tax from the input tax that has already been paid with the aid of input tax credits.
  • Only some kinds of input qualify for the input tax credit. In this regard, the laws and regulations of each state apply as appropriate.

Input credit is a way of reducing the tax you pay on inputs prior to paying taxes on output. A tax credit is an amount of money taxpayers spend to reduce their tax burden. Instead of lowering your taxable income, which is what deductions are used for, a tax credit will be deducted from the amount you owe. A type of tax credit is the input tax credit. You can claim a credit of the Goods and Services Tax on all inputs that are used for business purposes if your company is registered.

If you are subject to the Goods and Services Tax Act, you will have access to the Input Credit Mechanism. Therefore, you are entitled to receive input credit of tax paid by your purchases on goods and services if you are a manufacturer, supplier, agent, e-commerce operator, aggregator, or anyone registered under the General Sales Tax.

Before claiming GST input tax credit, check that the following conditions are met:

  1. You are registered under GST.
  2. The dealer has the tax invoice.
  3. The underlying goods or services have been received. (In case items are being received in instalments, the last instalment has been received.)
  4. The filing of GST returns is complete.
  5. The supplier has paid the tax to the government.
  6. No depreciation claims have been made on the tax component of capital goods.
  7. The goods or services received have not been put to personal use.
  8. The goods or services do not fall under the category of exempt supplies or supplies for which input tax credit is not granted.

Keep the following documents handy to support your claim if you are eligible:

  • Invoice, debit note, and bill of supply from the supplier of the goods or services
  • Bill of entry Invoice or credit note from an input service distributor

When filing your monthly GST return, please indicate the amount to claim an input tax credit. You must provide the details of eligible, ineligible, and reversed input tax credits.

Credit will be available against a tax bill upon receipt of the last part or instalment if goods are received in consignments. That said credit will be added to its output tax liability together with interest if the recipient is not paid an amount of service or taxes thereon within three months from the issue of the invoice and, in so doing, has already availed itself of input credits based on that invoice.

  • The supplier paid the tax on your purchase in cash or by applying for input credit to the government.
  • The supplier has filed the returns for the Goods and Services Tax.
  • The supplier entered the invoice into their GSTR-1, which shows in GSR 2 B for the recipient or buyer.

A number of common reasons for reversal are given below.

  • Three months after the date of issue, invoices remain unpaid.
  • Inputs were partially employed for business purposes, while some have been put to personal use.
  • Therefore, there will be a reversal in the proportion of tax credits for personal use of inputs.


The ITC is a fundamental factor in the Goods and Service Tax. The benefits of the input tax credit may be used to deduct a certain untaxable amount from one's prior payment. They call this a Goods and Services Tax input tax credit. The taxpayer may deduct input tax credits and output tax credits to determine the amount of GST owed.

FAQs on Input Tax Credit

For items you use in your business, you can obtain a refund for any goods and services tax added to your price. It's called an input tax credit or a Goods and Services Tax Credit. You must be a registered GST user to claim GST credits in your BAS.

Yes, ITC is available to the recipient. However, they have 180 days from when the invoice was issued to pay the consideration and tax. In cases where the levy is due on a reverse charge basis, this condition shall not apply.

Taking advantage of input tax credits allows you to deduct the input tax applied to any supply of goods or services. It is possible to avail of ITC after the goods or services have been received or dispatched.

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