Why are the proceeds from some of the stocks I sold not credited to my trading account?

  • As per guidelines issued by SEBI in December 2020, if you sell shares from your demat account, 80% of the sale proceeds gets available on the same day that you can use to enter into another trade or take another position. The remaining 20% becomes available to you on the next day, after Early Pay-In (EPI) of Securities sold is completed.

  • Further, the exchanges as part of surveillance measures have asked all brokers to block sale proceeds of stocks that are mentioned in the unsolicited messages being circulated.

Hence, sale proceeds from these stocks have been blocked until further notice from the exchanges.

Click here to get the list of stocks for which this action has been taken by the Exchanges.

For more information on these surveillance measures, you may go through the NSE and BSE circulars here.