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Brokerage Fees Offered by Kotak Securities

Enjoy the perks of investing with the best brokerage house in India while paying brokerage fees as low as 0.49% for delivery and 0.05% for intra-day trades.

Brokerage Basic Fees

Trading Account
  • Account opening fees = Rs 750
  • Annual maintenance charges = Nil

Brokerage Charges for Demat Account

  • Account opening fees = Nil
  • Demat account maintenance charges = Rs 50 per month for resident Indians, Rs 75 per month for NRIs.
  • No maintenance fees will be charged on demat accounts if there are no transactions and no securities in the account for the respective year.
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Why Dynamic Brokerage plan?
  • Ideal for seasoned investors & frequent traders
  • Flexible plan where charges reduce in proportion to monthly volume traded.
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Demat Fees

Sr. No. Account Head Rate Minimum Payable
1 Dematerialisation Rs 50/- per request
and Rs 3/- per certificate
2 Rematerialisation Rs 10/- for 100 shares Rs 15/-
3 Regular (Non- BSDA Account ) Market/off-market Transactions(Sell)

BSDA Account Market/off-market Transactions(Sell)
0.04% of the value of securities(Plus NSDL Charges)

0.06% of the value of securities(Plus NSDL Charges)
Rs 27/-(Plus NSDL Changes)

Rs 44.50/-(Plus NSDL Charges)
4 Regular Account Maintenance Charges RESIDENT- Rs 65 p.m for upto 10 debit transactions.
Rs 50 p.m. for 11 to 30 debit transactions.
Rs 35 p.m. for more than 30 debit transactions.
NRI-Rs 75 p.m.
5 Pledge Charges 0.05% of the value of securities Rs 30/-
6 Invocation of Pledge 0.04% of the value of securities Rs 30/-
7 Other charges :-
a) Charge for Client Master change intimation
b) Charges for CAS

Rs. 3 per month

+ Expand AllFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • QFor whom is the brokerage applicable to?
    ABrokerage is applicable to all our customers
  • QWhat are the basic charges?
    AThe lowest brokerage charges for demat account is mentioned in the above section 'Brokerage charges for Demat Account'. The account maintenance charges is Rs 50/mo.for resident Indians and Rs75/mofor NRIs.
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