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Kotak Stock Trader - Share Market Apps India

So you want to trade on the go? Here’s our Kotak Stock Trader application, a mobile trading software that brings the stock market to your palm through your smartphone.

We invite you to Download & experience the newly released Kotak Stock Trader mobile application for Google Android, Android tablets, Apple iOS, iPads & Microsoft Windows smartphones.

The Kotak Stock Trader allows you to trade in equities, derivatives and currency derivatives, track your portfolio, get live streaming market updates and stock quotes, and loads more.

The full version of Kotak Stock Trader is available absolutely free to all Kotak Securities online trading customers.

The mobile share trading software is also available for offline trading customers of Kotak Securities and for non-customers. They can download and use the mobile trading application by signing in as guest users. Offline customers can track the markets, check stock prices, create watchlists and view intraday charts for scripts listed on BSE and NSE.

Why KST?
  • Trade on the go
  • Mobile trading
  • Convenience
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Key Features

  • Trade online

    Buy and sell securities, cancel and modify orders on BSE and NSE while on the go. You can also set your stop loss price and trigger price through the mobile trading application.

  • Track your portfolio in real time

    You can check your current holdings and positions right from the application.

  • Get live streaming stock market data

    Get live quotes, tips and intraday charts, track market movements by the minute, get updates on Indices right on your mobile phone screen. Through the mobile trading application, you can view intraday and end of the day movements for any scripts on different exchanges in the form of candlestick charts, line charts or OHLC Charts.

  • Create Watchlists

    Track the scripts of your choice by creating personalized watchlists. You can also access the default watchlists as well as watch ‘My Investments’ and ‘My Positions’ on the mobile share trading software.

  • Transfer Funds

    Move funds between your bank account and online trading account easily. You can even transfer funds from your bank account into your mutual fund account via Stock Trader.

  • Check Margin

    Check available funds in your account and total margin on your account by clicking on ‘Available Funds’. This section of the mobile trading application also gives you the limits you have available against shares in your account.

  • Enjoy multi-level security for your data

    Customer authentication is done using your User ID and 2 levels of passwords – website password and the security key code. Whenever you need to use the mobile trading software, you will be required to sign in each time, for your own security. Your mobile device does not store details of your sessions on the Stock Trader application. A session gets terminated, and you are logged out if the application remains idle for 30 minutes. The Stock Trader uses the existing order routing system of Kotak Securities and is secured using HTTPS. The highest level of encryption i.e. AES 128 bit encryption is used by the mobile share trading software.

  • New version notifications

    Once you’ve downloaded the application, we shall send you instant notifications each time a newer, updated version of the Stock Trader is released.

Benefits of KST

  • All the benefits of a full-fledged online trading platform, right inside your mobile phone
  • High level of security for all your account and trading data
  • Never miss an opportunity to buy or sell, with real time stock market updates on the go.
  • Up to date information on all your investments at a glance, without logging into your computer or digging through physical statements.
  • Ability to rectify or cancel trades even when you are not near a trading terminal.
  • To view a demo of Kotak Stock Trader, click here

+ Expand AllFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • QWhich Operating Systems are supported by the Kotak Stock Trader application and is it available on app store?

    Yes, KST is available on all the major App stores in the world. KST is available on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows & Java Operating systems. It can be downloaded through almost all the app stores.

  • QHow do I download Kotak Stock Trader on my phone?
    AYou can download KST on your phone by sending an SMS ST to 5676788. A link will be sent to your mobile phone, you will need to click on it to download the application. You can also visit http://m.kotaksecurities.com from your mobile phone browser to download the app.
  • QHow secure is it to trade on Kotak Stock Trader?
    AIt's completely secure to trade on Kotak Stock Trader. The application works on the existing order routing system of Kotak Securities. Customer authentication is done through Client ID & 2 levels of passwords, namely website password & security key code. The mobile device doesn't store the session's details. So, each time the user wants to log on to the application, he has to enter his User ID & password. This enhances the security rigidity in case of loss of your mobile phone. Each session lasts for 30 minutes if no activity is done.

    The data transfer between the application & the Kotak Securities Order routing system is secured using industry standard security protocol HTTPS which is HTTP over SSL/TLS. The highest level of encryption supported is AES-128 bit encryption. The existing backend support systems are used here, the risk management and other customer related concerns are taken care of.


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