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Trading in Currency (Forex) Derivatives

"Never keep all your eggs in one basket"

Financial markets are a classic example of this proverb. These markets all around the world in all categories and at all points of time have taught us to keep our investments diversified into various instruments. Hence, we at Kotak Securities have brought a new investment opportunity to further diversify your portfolio – Currency Derivatives.

Currency derivatives are a contract between the seller and buyer, whose value is to be derived from the underlying asset, the currency value. A derivative based on currency exchange rates is an agreement that two currencies may be exchanged at a future date at a stipulated rate.

For the first time this segment is accessible to the retail players in the currency trading market.

Why currency derivatives?
  • Diversification
  • No separate margin
  • Superior research
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What are the benefits?

Currency derivatives are a bundle of opportunities for a number of players.

  • It is a new asset class for diversification of investments for all resident Indians.
  • It gives hedging opportunities to:
    • Importers and exporters, who can hedge their future payables and receivables,
    • Borrowers, who can hedge foreign currency (FCY) loans for interest and principal payments, with the need for proof of documented exposure.
  • It gives arbitrage opportunities.
  • It gives trading opportunities because of its volatility and multiplicity.
  • It provides highly transparent rates to traders as it is exchange-traded.

The Kotak Securities Advantage

Kotak Securities is one of the initial few broking houses who offer this product to their clients. Following are few of the benefits that you would enjoy as a customer of Kotak Securities.

  • Currency derivatives (currency futures), equities and mutual funds can be traded on one trading platform.
  • Exclusive research reports and seminars for currency derivatives trading that help you to take informed decisions.
  • Facility to our existing offline as well as online customers to trade in currency derivatives by filling up a simple form. There is no need to open a separate trading account to trade in currency derivatives.
  • Your cash margin with Kotak Securities can be used for all the three segments – equity trading, mutual funds and currency derivatives.
  • Facility to place buy or sell orders through branches, internet and over the phone.

How to open an account

As beneficial is the product to all investors, the process for accessing the product is also very simple. It's convenient for our existing customers as well as other investors or traders, who would like to trade in currency derivatives.

  • Existing Customer: If you are an existing customer of Kotak Securities, all you need to do is fill a simple form and then start trading. Kindly speak to your relationship manager or visit our nearest outlet or call us on 1800 222 299 / 1800 209 9191 for the same.
  • New to Kotak Securities: All you need to do is open an account with us and start trading in Currency Derivatives. To open an account, visit our nearest outlet or call us on 1800 222 299 / 1800 209 9191 or fill in your information by clicking here.


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