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01st December 2011
Sneak Peak

In this fortnight's edition of Horizon, we bring you how beta provides a measure of risk, what is asset allocation in mutual funds and technical understanding of spikes and saucers.
We hope that these insights coupled with market watch and product focus on ELSS will be a productive and enjoyable read. Our aim is to continuously impart valuable know how about the industry and enrich the financial community. Happy reading!
Market Watch
Market Update
Blame it on the European woes or the very recent Moody's downgrade of SBI, the Indian market has been very volatile, with a downside bias over the past few weeks.
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Stock Market
Beta- Providing a measure of Market Risk
Risk is an inevitable part of the investment process and this is known to every investor.
Mutual Funds
How to analyze the performance of a mutual fund?
Every investor today is intimidated by the task of choosing a mutual fund and
Technical Analysis
Spikes and Saucers
There are two types of patterns in technical analysis continuation patterns and reversal patterns.
Product Focus
New Index Derivatives on NSE: CNX PSE and CNX Infrastructure
National Stock Exchange has introduced two new Index derivatives product CNX PSE and CNX Infrastructure.
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