What are the Aims and Objectives of a Demat Account?

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  • 28 Dec 2023
What are the Aims and Objectives of a Demat Account?

You can hold shares and securities electronically by creating a dematerialized or Demat account. As shares are bought and stored there, it makes it easier for online traders to trade. Demat accounts are designed to track all individual investments, whether government securities, shares, exchange-traded funds, bonds, or mutual funds.

With the introduction of Demat, India's stock exchanges have been digitised, and SEBI can ensure better governance. A Demat account reduces the risk of theft, damage, and negligence when securities are stored electronically. It had previously been manual to open an account, and it was several days before the account could be activated. Today, the online process for opening a Demat account takes five minutes. The popularity of Demat during the pandemic was a result of digital technology.

Dematerialization is the transfer of physical share certificates to an electronic form, which you can keep from anywhere in the world so that they are more easily accessible. An investor must open a Demat account with a Depository Participant to trade online if he wishes to do so. The National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) and the Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL) are depositories through at which a DP in India registers a Demat account. By Dematerializing share certificates, investors no longer have to hold physical stock certificates, and their positions can be monitored seamlessly.

It had been a tedious task earlier to issue share certificates. The process has been simplified, and Demat has stored digital securities. After the Demat account has been opened, a Dematerialization Request Form to convert paper certificates into digital ones should be provided with all your physical securities. Rather than having to store and exchange paper money in person whenever a transaction is made, dematerialization and Demat accounts are equivalent to saving one's assets through the bank.

For your information, the Demat accounts have several objectives and aims.

1. Safety
The primary consideration for the Demat Account's aims and objectives is safety. If shares were available in physical form, there was a high risk of losing or misplacing certificates. Your shares are stored digitally and safely with a Demat account, so you don't have to worry about losing them.

2. Cost Efficiency
A lot of paperwork was involved in physical trade, which took up a lot of time. The technique is currently effective and has lower trade expenses. A Demat account also eliminates the need for stamp duty. Previously, to trade physical shares, you had to buy a share transfer stamp and affix it to the bottom of the certificate. For investors in rural towns, the costs and difficulty of obtaining a share transfer stamp were higher. Demat accounts have reduced trading costs and provided investors with a far more pleasant shopping experience due to the abolition of stamp duty.

3. Convenience
With Demat's accounts, it has become simpler to trade on capital markets. Cash for the stock exchange does not have to be carried. Moreover, it can eliminate human effort and provide maximum convenience. One of the key objectives and aims of a Demat account is convenience.

4. Flexibility
Back in the day, many terms and conditions were attached to investing. All of the settlements had been manually performed, which was a problem. Now that there are no restrictions, buying and selling any number of shares is easy.


For trading in securities, it is necessary to have a Demat account. Obtaining and operating a Demat account has become highly efficient and straightforward due to mutual responses from the markets and various depository participants. The Demat account provides several benefits and offers an enhanced trading experience, while the primary objective remains that it enables investors to hold and transfer securities. The importance of the Demat accounts is particularly underlined by considering how far it has come since those days when there were forged documents, frauds, and inability to buy securities.

FAQs on Aims and Objectives of Demat Account

Opening a demat account has many advantages, such as holding digital shares, transferring securities, or practical and optimised trading on the stock market. Today, trade is safer and more transparent than in the old days.

The purpose of opening a Demat account is to hold shares that have been purchased or dematerialised and converted from physical to electronic, thus making it easier for users to trade shares online. The services of free Demat accounts are provided by depositories such as NSDL and CDSL in India.

The holding of shares and securities in electronic form is carried out in a Demat or Dematerialized account. It facilitates the transfer of holdings, such as equity, mutual funds, government securities, bonds, etc.

Usually, you can open a demat account online can go to the Kotak Securities website or the Kotak Securities app.

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