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Fixed Deposits and Bonds

Corporate Fixed Deposits

The idea of investing in Fixed Interest investment options has always been highly popular among Indian investors, with as much as 60% of the savings being diverted into Bank Fixed Deposits. However with increasing inflation and low rates on Bank Fixed Deposits, investors seek Fixed Deposits with better yields and safety of their hard earned savings. This is where the Corporate Fixed Deposits find its existence & preference over other asset classes.

Corporate Fixed Deposits are the deposits placed by investors directly with the company for a specified term carrying a specified rate of interest. These deposits offer a higher rate of interest as compared to bank fixed deposits & are targeted at conservative set of investors with low risk appetite who do not wish to be disturbed by unpredictable market movements. Corporate Fixed Deposits rest on the strength of twin benefits of returns & protection

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Bonds are among the highly popular investment options under debt as an asset class. Simply put, bond is a debt investment under which investors gives money to the issuer for a pre-defined period at a specified rate of interest. This implies that the investor has given a loan to the issuing entity, and will be repaid at the end of the specified tenure.

Bonds or Debentures are generally issued by corporates, government for the purpose of raising money to fund their activities & projects. Bonds provide corporates & governments an alternate channel to meet their fund requirement. The tax implications of bonds defer depending on the type of Bonds, however these bonds are exempt from Wealth Tax under Wealth Tax Act, 1957. There are various classifications of bonds/debentures. The types of bonds/debentures from the investor's perspective are listed below:

  • Tax Free Bonds- like NHAI Infrastructure Bonds, PFC Infrastructure Bonds and many more
  • Tax Saving Infrastructure Bonds- IDFC Long Term Infrastructure Bonds, L&T Infrastructure Bonds and many more
  • Tax Saving 54E(C) Bonds
  • Non- convertible Debentures
  • Convertible Debentures- IDRs

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