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Competitive Brokerage Charges

"One loses money in the market, not because of the brokerage paid, but due to bad investments and bad advice"

Though rated as the best share broker in India, we still offer the most competitive brokerage rates in the Industry. Our products provide an ideal mix of brokerage rates and services.

We provide rates as low as 0.18% for delivery and 0.03% for Intraday trades.

Delivery - Brokerage applicable both side
< 1lakh 0.59% Gateway A/C
1 - 5 lakh 0.55%  
5 - 10 lakh 0.45%  
10 - 20 lakh 0.36%  
20 - 60 lakh 0.27%  
60 lakh - 2 crore 0.23%  
> 2 crore 0.18% Privilege A/C
Intraday brokerages
< 25 lakhs 0.06% both sides Gateway A/C
25 lakhs - 2 crores 0.05% both sides  
2 crores - 5 crores 0.04% both sides  
> 5 crores 0.03% both sides Privilege A/C
  Intraday brokerages Settlement  
< 2 crores 0.07% both sides 0.09% both sides Gateway A/C
2 - 5.5 crores 0.045% both sides 0.073% both sides  
5.5 - 10 crores 0.036% both sides 0.046% both sides  
10 - 25 crores 0.027% both sides 0.046% both sides Privilege A/C
> 25 crores 0.023% both sides 0.032% both sides  
Options - Brokerage applicable both side
Monthly Premium Volume Intraday Brokerage% Settlement Brokerage% Minimum Brokerage Per Lot (Intraday) Minimum Brokerage Per Lot (Settlement)  
Upto 4Lacs 2.5 2.5 100 100 Gateway
4Lacs-11Lacs 2.25 2.5 100 100  
11Lacs-20Lacs 1.8 2.3 100 100  
20Lacs-50Lacs 1.35 2.3 80 100 Privilege
< 50Lacs 1.15 1.6 70 100  

Here Premium Volume is considered as (Premium x Lot Size x No. of Lots). As per this new structure you will be charged either a fixed minimum brokerage per lot or the new brokerage rate based on the monthly premium value slabs you achieve, whichever is higher. Kindly note that this new brokerage structure for option contracts will be applicable with effect from 23rd February 2007.

Note:1 Even if a client starts with a Gateway/ value trading account, it is possible that he may avail brokerages as low as 0.18%in the cash delivery segment (and 0.03% in the intraday cash square up segment)depending on his trading volumes.Kotak will regularly monitor client accounts on a frequent basis and upgrade accounts to the next higher level so that clients may be entitled to higher benefits . The minimum brokerage that is applicable in Kotak Gateway Account is 4 paise on delivery and 4 paise in the cash segment.

Note:2 Brokerage will be charged based on your account type at the start of the month. Based on the monthly volume your effective slab will be calculated and the brokerage difference will be debited or credited.

Note:3 Service Tax of 12.36 % of brokerage will be charged in addition. The brokerages charged are as per the volumes that are acheived. Based on these volumes a client can be either debited or credited an amount which is as per the volumes he/she may achieve at the end of the month.

Securities Transaction Tax (STT) on the securities market transactions as revised w.e.f 01/06/2013 is as under:

1. STT @ 0.1% on all delivery(purchase and sale) trades in cash market

2. STT @ 0.025% on sell leg of all non-delivery trades in the cash market(Equity Shares and units of Equity Oriented Funds) market

3. STT @ 0.001% on sell leg of delivery trades in Equity Oriented Funds.

4. STT @ 0.01% on sell trades in the futures contracts

5. STT @ 0.017% on sell trades in the options contracts

6. STT @ 0.125% on buy trades in the options contracts when the option is exercised

--Service tax and STT will be charged as per the current applicable rate

Note : Other Charges represents a consolidated charge towards providing various value-added services such as Trade Confirmation SMS, electronic account access, portfolio tracker, access to research reports, market news SMS and towards defraying Member's Statutory/Regulatory liability for the clients' trades.

Note:4 Minimum brokerage of Rs. 21 shall be charged on every executed order in cash segment.

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