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Kotak Securities Website

At Kotak Securities, we aim to offer you the best experience. This is why we have gone to great lengths to ensure you get everything you want, be it an improved trading platform or hand-holding you through our multiple services.

If you have a query about our service, you are most likely to find some details on our website. Here is a look at some of the things our website offers you:

  • Trading tools:

    As a broking house, our first priority is to ensure you trade as comfortably as possible. For this reason, we have ensured you can trade across platforms through your computer, web browser, mobile, phone or in-person. We offer tools like Keat Pro X, Kotak Stock Trader, Xtralite, Fastlane, and Call & Trade. Our website has ample details of all these tools, their benefits as well as steps to use them.

  • Account types:

    When you sign up with Kotak Securities, you open a trading or demat account with us. We know that not every investor is the same. Everyone has different wants and requirements. Some may want only a demat account or trading account, while some may want both. Some others may want a three-in-one account or a linked account. These are for domestic investors; we also have special accounts for Non-Resident Indians (NRI) and foreign investors. It can be pretty confusing, we understand. That is why our website gives you a detailed look at each account type, the specifications as well as requirements.

  • Brokerage options:

    The trading frequency of every customer differs. Some may trade shares worth lakhs and crores on a daily basis, while some may trade in small amounts occasionally. Everyone has a different trading strategy and style. This is why, we offer multiple tailor-made brokerage plans. To see which brokerage plan suits you, click here.

  • Value added services:

    Do you know you trade using margins? This means you can trade in shares worth much more than the amount in your kitty. Did you know about BNST or the Buy Not Sell Tomorrow feature? No? This is where our website comes handy. Kotak Securities offers a range of value added services to enhance your trading experience. Some of the services offered are AutoInvest, Margin Trading, Super Multiple, BNST, Portfolio Tracker, SMS Alerts, Good Till Cancelled, Capital Gain Report, Twin Advantage and TradeSmart.

  • Asset classes:

    So you have taken the first step of investing, but need some more information about the kinds of securities available to trade in? Worry not. At Kotaksecurities.com, you will find all the information required about equities, mutual funds, derivatives, bonds, insurance, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), currency derivatives and gold funds. We also a wealth of knowledge about Initial Public Offerings(IPOs) for those looking to invest in new companies.

  • Research and knowledge:

    Speaking of knowledge, we know you can’t take investment decisions at the drop of a hat. You need ample research and knowledge to understand the decision you are taking. Our website has a special section for this purpose. You can find access to reports published by our esteemed analysts and researchers. Apart from that, you can also read ‘Meaningful Minutes’, our weekly newsletter about some market-relevant information in a simplified format.

  • Kotak University:

    The stock market is huge. It takes years for people to understand the sheer extent of the market. The Kotak Securities website has a dedicated section for those willing to broaden their knowledge about the stock market. We call it the Kotak University. All you wanted to know about the stock markets, the different assets that can be traded, demat accounts, and how this big jigsaw puzzle works – everything is now available at your fingertips on our website.

  • Portfolio check:

    Every investor needs to monitor his/her collection of shares and securities from time to time. To make this possible, our website offers you a portfolio section, where you can look at your holding at one go.

  • Market data:

    Every second, a share’s price changes. Sometimes, markets crash in minutes. Some other times, indices shoot up in a matter of seconds. Timing, thus, is very important for stock trading. We know that. That is why our website helps you track markets and keep updated with the latest news.

  • FAQs:

    What good is a brokerage firm that does not offer a good customer service and clear doubts of its investors? This is why, we have the FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions section. If you still have queries after reading our detailed website pages, then head to this page. Most likely, you will find your answer there.

  • Trading platform
  • Access to Research Analysis
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