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The Different Business Models At Kotak Securities

Are you looking to start your own business? Is finance your strength and passion? If yes, then you could consider becoming a business associate of a brokerage firm like Kotak Securities.

What are your options? You could become a franchisee or a coordinator. There is also the employee-to-entrepreneur model to consider.

The Franchisee Model

As a franchisee you become a business partner of a broker. You advise the client about their investments, guiding them through the nitty-gritty of stock trading. Meanwhile, the broker carries out the actual trades.

Every client pays a fee to the broker. The franchisee gets a fixed percentage of this brokerage fee as their commission.

What are the eligibility criteria for working as a franchisee?

  • Certification and registration: You need to have a higher secondary pass certificate. You also need a certificate from the National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM). This apart, you need to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and with the local stock exchange.
  • Infrastructure: You must have an office space of at least 200 square feet. You would also need computers with internet connections.

The Remisier Model

Do you have a large database of prospective investors? Would they be interested to trade through Kotak Securities?

As a Remisier, you will be an authorised person to bring in the clients. Once you’ve introduced the client to us, your job is done, we take it forward from here. No office space required or deposits to be made. You get a commission out of the brokerage fee. This is approximately 20% of the total brokerage amount.

The Employee-To-Entrepreneur Model

Anybody who has worked as a financial professional for a year or more can take this up. The employee-to-entrepreneur model allows you to guide your clients through their investments.

You do not have to invest anything to get started. And Kotak Securities will assist you in every way possible. This will help you to serve your clients better and to earn a good remuneration.

In a nutshell

Becoming an entrepreneur has never been easier! Take advantage of these excellent business opportunities to become a franchisee, a coordinator, or an employee-turned-entrepreneur.

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