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Business Tools & Software

Kotak Securities provides multiple tools & software which provides a holistic view of your Business, Customer Information, Functionalities and research for smooth business process.


  • Dedicated dealing Terminal for offline customers.
  • VPN security enabled seamless connectivity so that you don't miss any action in the market.
  • Risk assistance for all ODIN clients.
  • Watch & track markets on all trading days.

2. KsDealer

  • Trading terminal for online clients.
  • Dealing terminal for all online clients.
  • Inbuilt dealer assistance.
  • Call and trade facility available for all clients.
  • Dealer assistance for online clients.


  • Our main Back Office system useful to verify placed orders and to check available margin.
  • Check individual client details.
  • Track all trades placed by customers.
  • One stop to manage all margins requirements & business related information.


  • Kotak LEAP is a mobile based app designed for the Business Associates of Kotak Securities! To enhance your business experience.
  • Know the status of your applications on-the-go.
  • Be updated on markets in real-time.
  • Get internal alerts of contests, events & much more!


  • Used for Pay-in and Pay-out of funds.
  • Easy tracking of all pay-in pay-out details.
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