How much brokerage will I be charged for futures & options contracts?

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The brokerage on futures and options contracts, both intraday and carry forward, is determined by the brokerage plan you have currently chosen. In order to take advantage of Rs.20 per executed order on all Derivative, Commodity and Currency carry forward transactions and ZERO brokerage on all intraday trades, you can subscribe to our Trade Free Plan or Trade Free Pro If you are under 30 years, you can avail ZERO brokerage benefit on all trades (Intraday, Stock delivery, Carryforward F&O, Commodity & Currency trades) by subscribing to our Trade Free Youth Plan. Brokerage will be charged as per current plan which you can check under Estimated charges Section under Order Form page.

You can also check your existing Brokerage rate by clicking Estimated charges under Order Form available in Neo App or through Neo website once you log in.

There is a flat brokerage of Rs.20 per executed order for futures & options position if you carry forward your position.

While no brokerage is charged for intraday trades for which you provide at least the exchange-prescribed margins. However, in order to adhere to statutory requirements, a nominal brokerage of only 1 paisa per scrip/underlying would be charged.

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