How is the interest charge calculated?

The interest levied is calculated as follows:

Amount of Debit * Interest Rate applicable * No. of days / 365

For Example:

You buy 50 stocks of Reliance Industries worth Rs.2400 your trade value will be Rs.1,20,000 but in MTF we take position by just paying the initial margin which is just 25% of total trade value i.e. Rs.30,000. The remaining amount of Rs.90,000 is funded by Kotak Securities hence interest will be paid on the funded amount of Rs.90,000.

Here the Amount of debit is Rs.90,000 & Suppose the Interest rate is @ 13.49% as per Trade Free Plan & your position is open now for 20 days. 90000*13.49%*20/365= Rs.666

Click here to get an interest charge statement. You will be redirected to the Kotak Securities website login page.

Enter your respective user ID and password for and 'Do not enter the Access Code'

Once you are logged in,

  • Enter your client ID and PAN or date of birth and click on generate OTP

  • The OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number

  • You can choose from the account statements available in the drop down menu

  • Select Interest calculation and click on generate

  • You will receive the interest statement on your registered email address within the next two hours