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Stock Research for Traders

At the Kotak Securities Research Centre, we take our job really seriously. Besides providing stock market guidance to the average trader, we also equip professional stock traders with the right kind of information that will help them invest better.

Kotak Securities Research Centre offers two basic types of trader research:

  • Fundamental Research – Fundamental Research reports are an assessment of individual companies, industry sectors as well as the overall macro-economy.
  • Technical Research – Technical Research reports cover more micro-level data, including derivatives trading reports, minute by minute tracking of the stock markets and their movements, intra-day trading reports and more.

Our research reports can be used by themselves to carry out informed trades. They can also be used as a foundation if you choose to create your own personalized reports.

Read on to find out more about the types of reports that you can avail via the Kotak Research Centre as a professional trader.

Why Investment Research?
  • Valid, fact-based research
  • Specific reports for economy, industry, company
  • Stock recommendations
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  • Morning Insight

    Begin your morning with the latest news about the economy, the corporate news and events, the previous day’s stock performances, bulk deals on securities and more, with our Morning Insight report.
  • Intra-day Calls

    As a professional stock trader, research takes on paramount importance as the sums of money at stake are usually much larger than casual traders. With the markets changing pace and direction every few minutes, taking the right decision can mean the difference between making a small fortune and losing it all. The Kotak Research Centre stands behind you guiding you every step of the way with up-to-the-minute news, expert tips and trading pointers throughout market hours.
  • Special Report

    Special occasions call for special measures. Important events like the Union Budget or the RBI monetary policy are reviewed in depth via Special Reports put together by the Kotak Research Centre. View a sample report.


  • Market Morning

    A quick snapshot of the previous day’s stock market movements, Market Morning gives you data on the NIFTY, the Sensex and the Bank Nifty. It gives a numerical as well as graphical representation of the highs and lows of the day that went by, the ranges in which key indices moved and a prediction for the day ahead. View a sample report.
  • Weekly Technical Analysis

    The Weekly Technical Analysis is the weekly version of the Market Morning report. It tracks the same indices and gives a verdict on the market movements – past and future, based on exacting research and in-depth analysis. The perfect roundup of all the market action in the week, along with tips on what to expect in the following week, the Weekly Technical Analysis is a must read. View a sample report.
  • Stock Ideas

    As a professional trader, research is something you do day in and day out to ensure the safety of your investments. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a qualified team of research analysts working full time to give you in-depth research about stocks that matter? That’s exactly what the Kotak Securities research team does. We offer deep, insightful reports about individual stocks that show potential and give you ideas on how best to time your investments in them. View a sample report.
  • Derivative Reports

    A close look at the markets and the performance of various derivatives on these, the Derivative Report gives you guidelines for call and put options, top gainers, losers and most active derivative contracts, a Futures and Options tracker and also gives data on FII activity in the derivatives market. View a sample report.

Kotak Securities SMS Alerts:

All the reports described above are condensed into easy to read and quickly actionable pointers delivered straight to your mobile phone via SMS.

View a sample SMS report.

Know more about SMS Alerts.

All the reports published by the Kotak Research Centre are available exclusively to our customers. To avail the benefits of these reports, open an account with us now.