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Stock Investment Research

It requires a lot of information to make the right investment decision. Sometimes, getting access to some of the information may not be possible. Sometimes, it may be too late.

To help you with your investment decisions, here is Kotak Securities Research. We provide analysis for different kinds of investments – stocks, mutual funds, and derivatives.

Why Investment Research?
  • Valid, fact-based research
  • Specific reports for economy, industry, company
  • Stock recommendations
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Benefits of Stock Investment Research

At Kotak Securities, we understand your need for timely and in-depth investment research.

Supported by valid, fact-based and reliable stock market research and published results, our research reports educate you about industry trends, sectors, which company stocks to buy, sell or hold etc. These share market reports are simple, comprehensive and help you make informed investment decisions on your own, while executing your choices efficiently.

Here are a few other benefits of our stock market research:

  • Fundamental research

    We understand the value of fundamental stock-picking – selecting stocks on the basis of the strong financial health of companies. Our  share market research pays a special attention to the basic fundaments of companies, industries, sectors and the whole economy.

    If you are unsure about where to invest, fundamental research gives you a clear analytical picture. Fundamental research takes you through the key factors that explore the future prospects, backed by data, mathematical and statistical modeling, and concluded with expert opinions.

  • Macro-economic research

    As companies work within the overall economic conditions of the country, the state of the nation’s economy too play a role in corporate profitability. This includes market conditions, government policies, and the fiscal health of the country. Our macro-economic research concentrates on all these factors and their impact on the stock market.

  • Industry or sector research

    No two sectors work in the same fashion. What affects one, may barely impact the other. To help you understand an industry in detail, we also bring out reports that concentrate on a single sector. Details on how an industry is faring, whether current policies favour the industry, and more, to help you pick the industry that you want to invest in.

  • Company research

    Even within the same sector, one company may differ from another. Our company-specific research will provide you full details of its history, its organizational structure, its share prices, its future prospects, and more – thus, enabling you to take informed decisions.

Here's what you get at Kotak Securities

  • Special Report:

    These reports give you an in-depth coverage on special events such as the Union Budget, quarterly financial results, RBI credit andmonetary policy, and much more. View sample.

  • Morning Insight:

    Every morning, get updated with daily economy news, corporate news, daily bulk deals, gainers and losers, forthcoming events in a company or the market, and lots more. View sample.

  • Stock Ideas:

    Ever wanted to pick a needle from a stack of hay? That's exactly what a stock idea is. Our research desk provides stock recommendations with immense scope for returns on investments. This is a stock market report which is completely based on fundamentals. The research team analyses several companies and identifies a select few, which are fundamentally strong and offer high returns. View sample.

  • Portfolio Advice:

    You can get regular advice on portfolio management depending upon your changing needs.

  • Kotak Securities SMS Alerts:

    And last, but not the least, you can get these expert tips and recommendations right on your mobile phone screen through our SMS alerts. Now, you will always be in the know. Click here to know more.

Share market research reports are available only to the customers of Kotak Securities. To open an account with Kotak Securities, click here