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Value Added Features

Kotak Securities is committed to providing best-in-class trading services that you would expect.

Going beyond the basic need of transactions in equities, Kotak Securities offers you a plethora of value-added features. The features include smarter trading tools, support from trading experts and comprehensive guidance.

Below are the various Value-Added Features you can enjoy, once you start trading:

  • Super Multiple - An exclusive service available only for online trading customers of Kotak Securities, Super Multiple allows you to dream big on the stock market. Online trading customers of Kotak Securities can now avail up to 50 times exposure on their margin amounts using Super Multiple. Super Multiple is available on a select list of scrips and can be availed while trading on the NSE only. Know more

  • Research Alerts - Stock market investing needs research support. It is not just about getting the stock right, but also the timing. You need to know when to invest, when to book profits, and when to cut your losses. Rely on the insights by our experts, take advantage of research alerts – brief messages of important information delivered to your mobile phone, anytime, anywhere!Know more

  • Buy Now Sell Tomorrow (BNST) - Buy Now Sell Tomorrow or BNST allows you to sell shares you bought before the settlement day. A customer can sell up to 100% of the shares bought the very next day, provided there is no change in normal settlement cycle. The facility enhances liquidity for you and is available for both online and offline trading customers. Know more

  • After Market Order (AMO)- The AMO feature helps you to place an order beyond the regular trading hours. This facility is provided to all customers, who have online trading accounts. AMO is for those customers who are busy during market hours but wish to place orders at their convenient time. Know more

  • Portfolio Tracker - Portfolio Tracker is a tool that gives you reports on the stocks that you hold in your demat account with Kotak. Any stocks that you buy or sell reflect in your Portfolio Tracker in T+2 days. Demat account holders with Kotak Securities enjoy the convenience of tracking all their equity, mutual fund and derivative investments in one place using the Kotak Portfolio Tracker. Know more

  • Auto Invest - A disciplined approach to investing is necessary. If you are serious about building wealth, you may want to automate your investments. Opt for a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) using Autoinvest. Know more

  • Good Till Cancelled (GTC) – Normal limit orders are valid only until they are executed or the end of the day. With the GTC feature, you can place limit orders with a validity for as long as a year. Know more

  • TradeSmart - Kotak TradeSmart is a service that helps you spot bullish or bearish trends as well as the pattern of events in the stock market and their fallout using Technical analysis. So, no need to spend hours and hours on stock market research and analysis. With TradeSmart, the trends for each scrip in your portfolio or watchlists are automatically updated. Armed with this information, you can now decide the levels at which you want to enter or exit a particular stock with a lot more confidence. Share market trend analysis is now at the tip of your fingers! Know more

  • Capital gain report – The difference between the amount for which you sell the asset and your basis, which is usually what you paid for it, is a capital gain or a capital loss. You have a capital gain if you sell the asset for more than your basis. You have a capital loss if you sell the asset for less than your basis. Capital gain report is available in post-login under equity portfolio tracker and helps you view all the summary. Know more

  • Celebrations SIP - Celebrations SIP is specially designed for you to dedicate an investment to your near and dear ones by investing systematically. It is an investment in shares made in order to accumulate wealth. You can dedicate the investments to your loved ones by gifting them a certificate stating the investment you are making for them. Know more

Why Demat Account?
  • Mandatory by SEBI
  • Easy Portfolio Management
  • Security of Equity Investments.
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