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What is SmartWill?

SmartWill is an online platform which enables you to create your customized will. It provides access to a high quality, simple and automated platform to create a comprehensive will and the flexibility to modify the content at a later stage. This facility is offered through the WillSecure platform facilitated by Ameretat Technologies Private Ltd.

Why SmartWill?
  • Online automated will writing solution
  • Smart alerts to prompt mismatch
  • Complimentary access to modify the documents
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Resident Individuals NRI's for Indian assets only
New will - Rs. 9,000/- Modification to existing will - Rs. 4,500/-


  • Online automated will writing solution which enables you to create your will in a simple and effective manner.
  • Smart alerts to prompt mismatch at the time of creation.
  • Complimentary access to modify the documents until 3 months from registration. Subsequent modifications are at a nominal fee.

+ Expand AllSmartWill FAQs

  • Q What is a Will?

    A Will or testament is a legal declaration of the intention of the testator, with respect to his / her property, which he /she desires to be carried into effect after his / her death.

  • Q Can a Will be changed?

    Yes, it can be. You could create a codicil and change only elements of the old Will that you desire to change. Alternately, you can create a new Will (and in that Will state that you are revoking all old Wills) with the changed clauses.

  • Q Does a Will need to be registered?

    No, Will is an instrument that does not need to be compulsorily registered.

  • Q Can a registered Will be revoked?

    Yes, even a registered Will can be revoked and replaced with a subsequent Will. The new Will would also need to get registered as well unless you register a Deed of Revocation.

  • Q Can a Will get automatically revoked?

    For Parsis and Christians, the marriage of the testator automatically revokes previous Wills. Please note that the act of divorce does NOT revoke a Will.

  • Q How do I get started?

    Click on the Create SmartWill button on and you would be directed to the Buy page on the WillSecure website. Follow instructions to make payment and register yourself for the Will creation services.

  • Q What preparatory work should I do before starting to make my Will?

    The key objective of the Will is to distribute your Wealth. Our wealth is usually spread over many asset categories like property, bank accounts, mutual funds, insurance policies, etc. Compiling this inventory is very important before starting to make your Will. WillSecure requires just three pieces of information for every asset you hold: unique identifier for the asset (i.e. the folio number for a mutual fund, account number for a bank account etc.), the mode of holding and the names of the nominees (where applicable). WillSecure does not require values as they change frequently. You can thus start the Will creation exercise once you have gathered this information for your most important assets, which today would comprise over 80% of your wealth.

  • Q How do I create my Will using the WillSecure platform?

    After registering yourself on the WillSecure platform (see response to Q1. on how to get started) you would receive an email confirming your registration. The link in the email would enable you to activate your account and guide you through a 7 step process to create your Will.

    Clear instructions and help are available on every page. You can also raise online queries relating to the platform or your Will using the ‘Ask Us’ feature on the platform.

    Once all information is entered, a password protected PDF file is sent to your registered email address with clear instructions on how to complete the Will.

  • Q Is there a validity period for my WillSecure account?

    No, there is no validity period for the WillSecure account. The access to the account is perpetual, however, there is a 3 month usage period during which the user can generate / modify the Will as many number of times as required. Once the 3 month usage period is over, the user would still be able to access his / her account and keep all data on the platform updated but would not be able to generate / modify his / her Will.

  • Q How do I revise my Will after the usage period is over?

    To revise or modify your Will after the usage period is over; simply go to the ‘Renew’ page on the WillSecure website. Follow instructions to make payment and renew the account.

  • Q How secure and confidential is the WillSecure platform?

    WillSecure offers layered security features which to ensure your data is protected and remains confidential. Apart from not asking for values of any of your assets and offering standard security features like SSL cryptographic protocols, WillSecure has built three additional safeguards. First, all your data is stored in an encrypted form. Secondly, you do not need to enter the values of any of your assets. And lastly, there is a ‘purge’ facility for the extremely cautious customer wherein you can permanently wipe out all your data after completing your Will.

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