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Kotak TradeSmart is a service that helps you spot bullish or bearish trends as well as the pattern of events in the stock market and their fallout. So, no need to spend hours and hours on stock market research and analysis. With TradeSmart, the trends for each scrip in your portfolio or watchlists are automatically updated. Armed with this information, you can now decide the levels at which you want to enter or exit a particular stock with a lot more confidence. Share market trend analysis is now at the tip of your fingers!

TradeSmart Features

  • Provides guidelines for targets and stop loss for every trade
    Trading on the stock markets does not mean living life on the edge. Setting clear targets and avoiding risky situations will prevent you from making costly mistakes. TradeSmart helps you do just this.
  • Tradesmart allows you to set alerts for the stocks of your choice.
    Now, opportunity doesn’t just knock… It also sends you alerts! With Tradesmart, you can set alerts for stocks & get an email everytime your stock hits a particular level.
  • Get full access to TradeSmart Education
    Use TradeSmart’s extensive investor education library to understand the stock market analysis, industry analysis, technical analysis of stocks, recognize trends and interpret charts and graphs like a pro.
  • Glossary of market related terms
    Wondering about the meaning of terms like ‘Morning Attack’, ‘Short Selling’ or ‘Trailing Stop’? Stop wondering. TradeSmart tells you the exact meaning of each of these obscure sounding phrases. Even better, it tells you what to do with your portfolio when faced with these terms in the real world.
Why Tradesmart?
  • Analyze portfolio
  • Stock Market Research
  • Alerts
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Benefits of TradeSmart

  • Get views on your portfolio:
    With technical analyses that reflect demand and supply positions of a stock, you can decide whether to book profit or add aggressively. The tool allows you to analyze your holding and decide.
  • Analyze past stock performance:
    You can track the past performance of stocks. You can see different chart patterns made by a particular scrip in the past.
  • Receive regular alerts:
    TradeSmart provides regular alerts about latest trends, technical events & patterns for the stocks of your interest

Starting out with TradeSmart

TradeSmart is available via subscription to all trading customers (online and offline) of Kotak Securities. Here’s how you activate the TradeSmart service on your account:

  • Log into your account on www.kotaksecurities.com
  • Click on Trading - > My Account - > Subscription - > Tradesmart. You will land on the TradeSmart home page.
  • You will see a list of subscription options. Choose the subscription plan that you prefer and hit ‘Submit’.
  • On hitting ‘Submit’ you will see a page that will confirm your subscription to TradeSmart. You can now start exploring TradeSmart and its full range of features.

View a demo of TradeSmart and decide for yourself.

Subscription plans

Taste the tangible benefits of TradeSmart with our 30 day free trial offer. Post the 30 day trial period, you can choose to switch to one of the plans below:

Tenure Fees
Monthly Rs.149
Half yearly Rs.599
Annual Rs.999

+ Expand AllFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Q From where will the subscription amount for TradeSmart be deducted?

    A On subscription of TradeSmart, the subscription amount will get deducted from your Cash Margin
  • Q How do you renew your TradeSmart subscription once the initial subscription expires?

    A Option to renew the subscription of TradeSmart is available under Customer Service linkon www.kotaksecurities.com logged in section, you can visit there and apply for renewal. Also, you can renew by calling our Customer Service on 1800 209 9191 / 3030 5757 / 1800 222 299.