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Ease of Use

Once upon a time, stock market trading was restricted to a particular location or a place. It was restricted by time. Most orders were accepted physically at a trading terminal or on the phone. In short, stock market trading was a privilege for few.  Those who lived far away from stock markets had to find ways to reach the market.

Cut to the present. Today, electronic trading has allowed people to buy and sell stocks on a daily basis despite of their geography. Today’s traders are constantly connected to the stock market either through their phone or computer. They live on a constant diet of business news channels, financial dailies and trading websites.

With the Indian economy growing between 6 to 9% year on year in the last decade, the stock markets have suddenly become attractive to people who aren’t traders by profession. Since 2008 – the year the financial crisis hit the US and world, the benchmark indices BSE Sensex and NSE Nifty have closed higher in five of seven years so far. This means markets have given returns even during crises.

This makes stock market investment a highly suitable investment option.

Moreover, technology has advanced so much that trading has been very easy and fast. You also have multiple financial instruments to choose from that are tailored to suit your individual needs. Broking houses also help traders go home with a happy bank balance by providing sound investment guidance.

All these show you really have no excuses to avoid trading in the stock market.

Why Kotak Securities?
  • Ease-to-use stock market applications across gadgets
  • 8am to 8pm customer service
  • Communication in the language of your choice
Reach Us

  • Kotak Securities offers you the right platforms to trade easily:

    At Kotak Securities, you have a variety of choices in terms of services offered. We provide you with all the resources to trade in equities, commodities, forex, IPOs and more. Be it through the computer, phone or over a slow-internet connection, Kotak Securities empowers you to trade seamlessly.
    • Mobile Trading: Want to trade on the go? The Kotak Stock Trader helps you buy, sell or cancel trades right from any hand-held device that you would have. You can also view live market movements and stream intra-day quotes for your stocks.
    • Call & Trade: Don’t have a smart phone? Then just dial the trading hotline number using our Call & Trade service, and place orders on the phone with your personal broking assistant.
    • Internet Trading: Are you one of those traders who like to sneak a few trades even during office hours? The Fastlane application provides you all the power of a regular trading platform without downloading anything into your machine.
    • Desktop Trading: Kotak Securities also offers simple, user-friendly trading platforms like Keat Pro X that can run from any laptop or personal computer.
    • Slow Internet Connection? Don’t worry. We have something to offer to you too. Use our extra-light, super-fast website, Xtralite, specially designed for those who have dial up or limited connectivity.

    The best part? All these different platforms don’t just allow you to trade, they also let you monitor your portfolio, track its performance by the minute, get regular stock market tips and updates or even create wish lists of stocks you plan to buy at a later date.

  • Kotak Securities empowers you to make smart decisions:

    Everyone knows you can’t just pick and choose stocks randomly for your investments. One needs to go through comprehensive research. But this is time-consuming and requires a lot of patience. Not to mention, taking too much time may cause you to miss buying opportunities in the dynamic market. So worry not.
    • As a Kotak Securities customer, you get access to our research reports. These are comprehensive, in-depth reports regularly published by our great team of experts, who have a combined experience of 83 years.
    • We track 15 sectors, the overall economy, as well as micro-economic issues using different analysis techniques. Some research reports also concentrate on specific stocks and their profit potential. So, be assured, whichever industry your stock belongs to, we will have knowledge ready for you.

  • Kotak Securities is there for you always:

    Our customer service is happy attending calls from 8 am – before the market opens, until 8 pm – well after the market closes. What’s more, you do not have to worry about speaking to us in an unfamiliar language. Kotak Securities customer service offers you communication in 10 languages.

Your Time is Now

With the recovery in the economies world over since the financial crisis of 2008, opportunities are rising in the securities markets. Now is the time to enter the market and grow your money with Kotak Securities – a trading partner you can trust. Pick the platform of your choice and plunge into creating a second income that has the potential to outgrow your first one!