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Our Courses

Course 1

Technical Analysis

7th August, 2023
10th August, 2023

Providing In-depth Insights About Technical Analysis

Understanding trends and patterns

Comprehensive knowledge about charts

Identifying an appropriate exit strategy

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Course 2

Futures & Options Trading

21st August, 2023
24th August, 2023

Balancing Theory and Hands-On Experience (Derivatives)

Basics of open interest and price

Risk-profile of individual instruments

How to make informed choices

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1 Can I attend all the courses or do I need to select one?

All courses are allocated across different dates. You may pick one or all courses, depending on your preference.

2 Who can attend these courses?

Everyone is welcome to attend these online courses, however, we encourage you to choose the course best suited to your needs. To know which course is a good fit for you, please read the course details.

3 Will the course content be easy for anyone to understand?

We will cover different levels in each course. You may select any one or all, as per your requirement.

4 Where can I register and pay for the course?

Please click on the “browse course” option, which will take you through the course details in-depth, along with the pricing plans.

5 I have additional questions about the online course, whom should I contact?

You may send us your queries at