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1. For whom is this facility available?
A. This facility is freely available to all the online trading customers.

2. What is KEAT Pro X?
A. A free, easy-to-use web based tool for all the online trading customers, KEAT Pro X is a high speed trading tool that allows you to monitor what is happening in the market at real time speed. KEAT Pro X allows you to check live market rates of scrips in NSE, BSE & NSE Currency. You can create multiple watchlists and simultaneously place orders, view order reports etc.
3. How can I download and install KEAT Pro X?
A. To download KEAT Pro X, login to your trading account on www.kotaksecurities.com by using your User Id, Password & Security Key. Click the Trading Tools and Select KEAT Pro X. Click the button "Download" to get it downloaded on your machine.

You can also download by clicking here.

Installation - Click here to view the installation manual.

4. What are the minimum technical requirement for KEAT Pro X to function properly on my computer.
A. The operating system for your computer should be Window.

5. Is the Watchlist same in KEAT Pro X, FASTLANE & Website?
A. Yes, watchlist in KEAT Pro X, FASTLANE and Website will be the same. Incase you make change in any watchlist, it gets reflected on all the three places.

6. How do I check the version of KEAT Pro X?
A. If KEAT Pro X is installed in your computer, go to Help option and the go to the link About Us to view the version of KEAT Pro X. You can also check the version on the top header of the main terminal screen.

7. How do I create a Watchlist using KEAT Pro X?
A. You can create new watchlist by
  • Clicking the New Watchlist or you can
  • Edit the default watchlist or you can use
  • Use predefined watchlist to create your personalised watchlist
To add scrip, right click the watchlist screen. Select the option Add Scrip. A new window will appear. Enter the scrip name, select the exchange, select segment as Cash, Future or Option. Then click the Search. Select the required scrip and Click OK.

NOTE: Save the Watchlist after addition of scrip(s) so that the added scrip(s) can also be viewed next time in the same Watchlist.

Click here to view demo.

8. How do I trade using KEAT Pro X?
A. To place a trade using KEAT Pro X, right click the scrip you want to trade and select the option Buy . A new window will appear. Select the quantity, price for which you want to place order. Once decided click the New Order button. A new window will appear, giving the details of the order. Click Yes to confirm the order.

Click here to view demo.

9. Can I create a single watchlist where I can view both NSE, BSE & NSE Currency prices and compare them?
A. Yes, with KEAT Pro X, you have the option of viewing NSE, BSE & NSE Currency on a single watchlist. All you have to do is while searching for the scrip, select the exchanges you want to compare.

10. Can I migrate my watchlist from KEAT Pro X to website and vice versa?
A. Watchlists on KEAT Pro X, Fastlane & Website are same so there is no need for migration.

11. If I face problem while installation & functioning of KEAT Pro X, what should I do?
A. To get help in installation of KEAT Pro X and also for trouble shooting, you can get in touch with our Customer Care team at 1800 209 9191, 1800 222 299, 3030 5757. Our representatives will be happy to resolve your queries.


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