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Easy Mutual Fund

With the growing awareness towards investments, Mutual Funds have emerged as a highly popular investment option among investors in India replicating what has been witnessed across the globe. Mutual Funds score over other asset classes given the advantages of convenience & cost-effectiveness which at the same time strives to attain the objectives of capital appreciation/protection& income generation

A mutual fund pools the money of various investors having common objective with a view to invest in various securities. Mutual funds may invest in variety ofinstruments like stocks, bonds, money market securities, gold or a combination of these which provides diversification to your investments. These schemes are professionally managed on behalf of the investors to help them attain their financial goals.

To make you experience the potential associated with this investment vehicle, Kotak Securities provides you with over 1000 schemes to choose from that suits your investment objective

Benefits of Investing:
Professional Management of money
Diversification to your portfolio
Low cost of investment due to economies of scale
No Entry Loads
Highly Liquid in nature
Well regulated

Kotak Securities Advantage

  Features of investing Online through Kotak Securities

  Purchase/ Redeem Mutual Funds online
  • Choose from over 1000 available schemes representing more than 22 AMCs
  • Seamless online Transactions
  • Buy NFOs, FMPs (Fixed Maturity Plans) and ETFs with ease.
  • View your transaction status
  • Track your mutual fund portfolio performance
  • Get monthly portfolio updates
  • Get Dividend and gains statement online
  Fund Transfer
  • Transfer funds online from your bank account to Kotak securities online platform
  • Receive mutual funds proceeds directly into your bank account
  • No delay in transferring and receiving your funds
  • No need of issuing cheques for every transaction
  • Receive regular updates & reminders on SIP investments
  • SMS and Email reminders Auto debit option
  No transaction charges or fees on the investment
  Receive SMS updates on the transactions

How to Invest?
  • Login to>Mutual Funds>Place an Order
  • Call 30305757 to place an order through Call & Trade
SEBI mandated MF fees disclosure
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