Securities Transaction Tax (STT) on the securities market transactions as revised w.e.f 01/06/2016 is as under:

STT @ 0.1% on all delivery (purchase and sale) trades in cash market.

STT @ 0.025% on sell leg of all non-delivery trades in the cash market(Equity Shares and units of Equity Oriented Funds)

STT @ 0.001% on sell leg of delivery trades in Equity Oriented Funds.

STT @ 0.01% on sell trades in the futures contracts

STT @ 0.05 % on sell trades in the options contracts

STT @ 0.125% on buy trades in the options contracts when the option is exercised -- GST, STT and other charges are as per current rate.

With effect from July 1, 2017, GST shall be charged at 18%.

---GST , STT and other charges are as per current rate and any revision in the rate then same will be applicable

Other Charges:

Type Cash Segment Future Segment Option Segment CDS Futures Segment  CDS Options Segment  MCX Commodity Futures  NCDEX Commodity Futures

Other Charges (excluding GST)

0.02% 0.0041% 0.0531% 0.00305%  0.0391%  0.00515%  0.00715%

Note 1: In case of options contracts, other charges will be charged on transaction value i.e. Strike and premium. Additionally GST will be applicable on other charges.

Note 2: Other charges represents a consolidated charge towards providing various value-added services such as Trade Confirmation SMS, electronic account access, portfolio tracker, access to research reports and market news SMS