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Advance Brokerage

What is Advance Fee Account?

As you are aware to facilitate your stock market transactions, usually there are certain brokerage fees levied. These fees are charged as a percentage of your trade value or depending on the size of the transaction. As a consistent investor in the stock market you conduct many transactions on a daily basis. To ensure you to trade consistently without the hassle of brokerages being charged we introduce to you The Advance Fee Account which rewards your steady trading.

Why Demat Account?
  • Mandatory by SEBI
  • Easy Portfolio Management
  • Security of Equity Investments.
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Key Features:

The Advance Fee account helps you earn back your brokerage charges. You pay a certain amount in advance, and slowly get it back as and when you trade. Moreover, to encourage you to maintain consistency in trading, we offer you extremely low charges during the validity period.

There are various plans available starting from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 2,00,000 with a 12 months validity. Based on your requirement, you can choose the plan that best suits your needs.

Other features namely:

How to open the account:

  • To open your account,Click Here and simply provide your details.
  • You can call us on 1800 209 9191 or 1800222299 and we will have our representative help you to open the account.
  • We will inform you as soon as your account is activated, and you can start trading instantly.

Benefits of the Advance Fee Account:

  • No a/c opening charges: Kotak Securities does not charge any amount to open a new Advance Fee account.
  • Low brokerage charges: Depending on your trading activity, you can get back the entire fees that you paid in advance.
  • Validity period: Even if you exceed the advance fees before the account validity period expires, you can still continue trading at the same brokerage rates till the validity ends.
  • Maximize returns: Brokerage charges narrows your profits. The Advance Fee account helps you reduce your costs and maximize your returns.

Plan details & Charges:

Advance Fees Rs.5000 Rs.10,000 Rs.50,000 Rs.2,00,000
+ GST ( As applicable) ( As applicable) ( As applicable) ( As applicable)
Total Cheque Amount Rs.5000 + GST Rs.10,000 + GST Rs.50,000 + GST Rs.2,00,000 + GST
Validity 12 Months 12 Months 12 Months 12 Months
Delivery' 0.39% 0.29% 0.19% 0.12%
Cash Intra-Day' 0.040% 0.035% 0.030% 0.015%
Futures' 0.040% 0.035% 0.030% 0.015%
Options' Rs 225/- per lot Rs 225/- per lot Rs 150/- per lot Rs 150/- per lot
Currency Futures (Each Leg) 0.024% or Rs. 12 per lot whichever is higher 0.020% or Rs. 10 per lot whichever is higher 0.016% or Rs. 8 per lot whichever is higher 0.016% or Rs. 8 per lot whichever is higher
Currency Options (Each Leg) Rs.12 Rs.10 Rs.8 Rs.8

Terms & Conditions

  • Minimum brokerage for: Cash Delivery: 0.04 P (per share), Intraday: ` 0.03 P (per share), OR 21/- per executed order, whichever is higher, Equity Futures: 0.03 P (per share) subject to ceiling of 2.5% of contract value.
  • DP charges additional.
  • Reversal would be done on monthly brokerage generated.
  • ‘Brokerage rates applicable both sides.
  • GST and STT will be charged as per the current applicable rate. GST is applicable on Advance fee & brokerage.
  • Product would NOT be renewed at the end of the validity period unless communicated by the customer for renewal. At the end of the plan the customer would move to standard fixed brokerage plan. Details of the same are available as part of the account opening form. Click here to know about Fixed Brokerage plan.

How it works:

Brokerage fees are charged as a percentage of the trade value. On any plan choosen by you

In the Advance Fee plan, you have to choose between any of the slab with a 12 months validity.

  • Suppose you choose plan A and if no brokerage is generated during the validity period the complete advance fee i.e. Rs 5000 will be reversed.
  • If the brokerage generated is Rs 6000, then only Rs 5000 is reversible as the Maximum amount reversible is the advance fee.
  • If you generate a brokerage of Rs 2000 during the validity period, then the balance of. Rs 3000 would be reversed at the end of validity period.

Special service charges:

Fundamental Rs.50 Rs.500
Technical Rs.50 Rs.500
Both Rs.75 Rs.750

Call & Trade free for first 20 calls for a calendar month. From the 21st call, you pay Rs. 20/- per call.

Note : Other Charges represents a consolidated charge towards providing various value-added services such as Trade Confirmation SMS, electronic account access, portfolio tracker, access to research reports, market news SMS and towards defraying Member's Statutory/Regulatory liability for the clients' trades.

To know more on STT & Other Charges. Click Here