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Sr. no.

Forms Purpose of the Form  
1 Common updation format For updating or changing your contact details like contact number, address email id etc.  
a Common updation format with KRA - Individual For Individual Clients
b Common updation format with KRA - Non-Individual For Non -Individual Clients (HUF, Partnership, LLP, Corporate bodies, Trust, etc.)
2 Name Change Request Form For name change (after marriage, other reasons)
3 Email Consent Form For receiving contract notes on your email
4 Add To Master Letter (Bank addition) For adding an extra bank to your trading account
5 Nominee Updation Form For updating nominee details in your Demat account
6 Nomination Form in Trading For updating nominee details in your Trading account
7 Authority Letter For allowing close relatives to trade on clients behalf

Equity/Currency Derivative Activation

a Activation of Additional Segment and Exchange Individual For requesting activation of an additional derivative segment
b Debit Authorisation Form For authorizing Kotak to debit currency derivative segment activation charges (CDS only)
c Running Account Authorization Letter For selecting SEBI payout frequency from your trading account
d Self Declaration of Financial Details(Individual) For declaring your financial details and your networth
e Self Declaration of Financial Details(Non-Individual) For declaring your financial details and your networth
f Tariff Sheet For mentioning brokerage rates for the new segment
9 Running Account Authorization Form For selecting SEBI payout frequency from your trading account
10 Bank Transfer Registration Form For registering bank details to transfer funds from your Bank a/c to
11 A/c Closing Form - DP For closing your Demat Account
12 A/c Closing Form- Trading For closing your Trading Account
13 PAN updation form For updating or changing the pan card number in your Trading and DP account
14 'Form A' for RGESS Declaration form to apply for Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme (RGESS)
15 'Form B' for RGESS Declaration form for excluding securities purchased under RGESS


a Name change/Mismatch Self-Declaration Form For declaring validity despite your name being spelt differently in different documental proofs
b Form for Signature Change - with Photo For updating new signature in Demat and Trading accounts
c Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) Declaration Form For requesting issuance of DIS for the Demat account
d KRA-KYC, Individual For updating KYC if you are an individual Client
e KRA-KYC, Non individual For updating KYC if you are a Non-individual Client
f Transposition Form For changing the order of names registered in Demat accounts
g Senior Citizen Form For senior citizens to apply for an account
h Conversion Form from Offline to Online Trading A/C For converting Offline Trading account to Online Trading Account
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