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1. For whom is this applicable to?

This is applicable to online trading customers.

2. Am I eligible for opening a trading account
A. Any individual, Hindu undivided family (HUF), proprietary firm, partnership firm, or a company can open an account with Kotak Securities.com.

3. How do I open an account?
A. It's simple! Apply Online, call our toll free number 30305757/1800 222 299 or visit our local branch.

4. What documents do I need to submit for opening the account?
Photograph Yes Yes Yes Yes
Proof of address Yes Yes Yes Yes
Proof of identity Yes Yes - -
Partnership deed - - Yes -
Letter of authority - - Yes -
Memorandum & articles of association - - - Yes
Board resolution - - - Yes
Signature verification Yes Yes - -
Proof of address can be a copy of any one of the following:
Passport, Driver's License, Ration Card, Voter's Identity card, Telephone bill, and Electricity bill, Bank Passbook / Bank Statement or Rent Agreement.

Proof of identity can be a copy of any one of the following: Passport, PAN Card, Voter's Identity Card, Driver's License or MAPIN UID Card.

5. What is the least amount of margin that I need to pay Kotak Securities to start trading?
You can start trading by placing a minimum margin of:
Rs.20,000 in the Gateway Account
Rs. 5,00,000 in the Value Account
Rs. 1,000,000 in the Privilege Account
20,000 in the Freeway Account
20,000 in the High Trader Account
This minimum margin can be in the form of Cash or Stocks.

6. How soon would my account be opened?
A. Your account will be opened within two weeks of receipt of your completed application form

7. What documents would I receive once the account is opened?
You will receive a welcome kit containing the following:
a. A welcome letter containing details of your account with us
b. b. A booklet titled "Road Guide" - a detailed guide on how to activate your account and start trading
c. A CD that will help you install K.E.A.T.
d. A Personal Identification Number - a unique numeric code for one time use for account activation
You will also receive the initial password on your email id registered with us.

8. Is the Kotak Securities site secure for me to trade on?
A. No doubt it is secure! Kotak Securities uses the most advanced encryption technology, Secure Socket Layer (SSL), to ensure that the information transmitted between you and us across the Internet is safe and cannot be accessed by any outsider.

SSL has been universally accepted on the World Wide Web for authenticated and encrypted communication between clients and servers. The security certificate for our site is obtained from Verisign and the security encryption level on Kotak Securitiesis 128bit.

9. Can I buy Mutual Fund and IPO using my Kotak Securities account?
A. Yes. You can buy Mutual Fund and IPO using your Kotak Securities account.

10. How do I update the contact numbers in the Trading Profile?

You can update the same in your trading profile as follows: Kindly login to your trading section on Kotaksecurities.com and click on My Account Link .You will find a sub link -Update My Profile where you can enter the relevant details.
To update the same in your DP profile, we request you to kindly send a letter, duly signed by all the account holders, mentioning the new numbers at the following address:

The Head- Customer Service Department,
Kotak Securities.com
Nirlon House,
Mumbai -400 025

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