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Investment Solutions
Investment Solutions to suit the varied investment goals of your clients
Our Product Suite includes  
Equity : guide your clients in making the right decisions while picking individual stocks or sectors. Our researchers and advisors guide you in making prudent investment decisions when buying stocks.
Derivatives : For those who are not averse of taking risks, derivatives can prove to be a good investment option. We, at Kotak Securities, have strived to make investing in derivatives simpler. Our derivatives seminars educate new entrants in the derivatives market to be more equipped with knowledge and techniques.
Mutual Funds: You can now invest in over 3000 different mutual fund schemes through us. And to make this choice of choosing between which mutual funds scheme to invest in, we offer you our exclusive research.
Structured Products : Structured products are an ideal investment tool to meet specific investment needs that cannot be met by standardized financial instruments.
IPOS : Investing in IPOs is not complex anymore, Kotak Securities has made investing in IPOs very simple. All you have to do is one phone call, and that's all. We also provide with you with information on IPO News , Forthcoming IPOs and a lots more.
Insurance : Life with it's various challenges gives you opportunities to tackle them too. One of them is getting insurance. We at Kotak Securities offer you a host of insurance options to help your clients stay protected and financially secure.
Third Party Distribution Products : We offer a range o credible and financially attractive third party distribution products that would cater to various investment and financial requirements
Range of Services Offered
Central Risk Management
At Kotak Securities, Risk Management seeks s to generate, not constrain. Our Risk Management Team comprises of members who have implemented systems in different areas and structured the Risk Management Cell primarily managing Online risk, Market risk and Operational risk.
Centralised Back office
To handle large operations, an efficient back office is essential. While most broking firms worked with decentralised back offices, we were responsible to set the trend of a centralized back office. Today, we have dedicated centralised back office in Mumbai, which has a workforce of over 500 committed people.
Leading Edge Technology
We believe, technology plays an indispensible role in increasing productivity. A robust technology platform is vital in acquiring and managing customers in the broking business. This belief supported by our scalable technology platform helps us address ever growing investment needs.
Research to help male informed investment decisions

Kotak Securities has a strong research team that is involved in industry and company specific equity research and macro-economic studies. Our daily, weekly, monthly research reports help you to guide your customers on investing and taking informed decisions. As an associate, you get direct access to our research team and products.

Research Product

Research Seminars  
We organize Research Seminars in your town/city where your select customers can directly interact with our research team.

Market Morning
A daily report of vital market information with concise technical review of the index along with technical support and resistance of the selected stock.

Morning Star
A report that features economic and corporate news enabling buy/sell calls based on the company fundamentals

Stock Ideas  
This is a report which is completely based on fundamentals. The research team analyses several companies and identifies a select few, which are fundamentally strong and offer high returns.

Weekly Technical Analysis
A definitive tool that, besides summarising the calls of the week on a chart, predicts trends and tracks market movements of the forthcoming week.

Monthly Research Reports
A consolidated report of all the research calls given during the month with insight that enables wise financial decisions in a time bound manner.

SMS Alerts
Critical information on the move. Get Free SMS alerts delivered to your mobile phone and stay in touch with the market wherever you are.

Marketing Support
Marketing Support
Kotak Securities has a centralized marketing team based at Mumbai dedicated to support to franchisees to support in marketing activities. Marketing support that you will receive from Kotak Securities are as follows.

Marketing Collaterals – We provide various types of marketing collaterals like Brochures, Pamphlets, Canopies, Banners, Posters, Danglers etc. All of these materials are co-branded

Seminars & Events – Kotak Securities organizes research seminars and other events on behalf of Sub-brokers. These seminars & events help you to acquire and retain clients. Support is extended in completely in terms of planning and execution. Planning of the entire event, designing & printing of invites and collaterals, branding at venue is done by us.

Designing & Execution Support – If you want to create any collateral, material or advertisements exclusively our marketing team will help you completely in designing of the same.

Outdoor Signage – To generate more business it is very important to make your presence more visible in the location where you conduct your business. Kotak Securities helps you by providing high standard backlit co branded signages to make your presence more prominent

Newsletters – “Hello” a quarterly newsletter published by Kotak Securities especially for it's sub-brokers. This gives you information about latest happenings at Kotak Securities, view of Kotak Securities published in the media

Customer Analysis & Communication – We have a team that regularly tracks the performance of your clients. Based on the performance of clients we help you design communication that will help you generate more business from them . Various kind of special offers are circulated to induce regularity in trading and investments.

Biz-Quiz – It is an ongoing quiz contest organized especially for sub-broker. Stock markets, finance , entertainment & sports are some of the topics covered in this quiz. This quiz helps you to showcase you knowledge and chance to win lots of gifts

Brand Association
An association with a renowned brand like Kotak Securities would add value and recognition to your establishment.

Many first from Kotak Securities -
• First to introduce the franchisee model in stock broking business, a model which has been accepted and    implemented as a standard by SEBI.
• First to launch Portfolio Management Services for the retail customer
• First to introduce margin financing option for broking customers
• First to introduce Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in direct equity through their product AUTOINVEST
• First to enable investing in IPO/Mutual Funds over the phone

Things you didn’t know about Kotak Securities
• Introduced the flat brokerage fee structure model in India
• Kotak Group purchased Goldman’s Sachs stake in Kotak Securities making it the first Indian company to buy out a    foreign investment stake
• Kotak Securities process over 5 lakhs trade in a single day in secondary markets
• It is present in over 300 cities and has over 850 outlets making it the largest stock broker in India
• Kotak Securities is one of India’s oldest and largest Portfolio Management service provider

Training Support
Training Support
Given below are a list of training programs that we provide to our Sub Broker

1. Product Training – Modules that offer   in-depth understanding of the products we have to offer. It   equally focuses on high recall and effective application of product knowledge.

2. Systems Training : An essential guide on Trading and Data Repository Systems.

3. Operations Training:  Daily Operations Process Training .

4. Sales Training: Focuses on the skills required to increase sales and profitability

5. Compliance: It will cover important rules and regulations as well internal policies of Kotak Securities to be noted and adhered to by branches/sub brokers.

Online Platform
Get access to a wealth of information and services that we offer our Sub Brokers through the Online Platform
  Client Intelligence Reports   Business Reports
  Material Management   Product Promotions
  Loyalty Programs   Trade Calls

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