With the Good Till Cancelled (GTC) feature, you can place a limit order without worrying about its expiry. These orders can be valid for as long as a year. You have the option of specifying the exact validity period as well.

For example:

GTC order placed on March 7, 2017 to buy 100 shares of ACD Ltd. at a limit price of Rs 820.

Fix the expiry date of the order as April 7, 2017, and give the order a period of one month to buy at the specified price.

During this time, ACD Ltd. share price falls to Rs 820, and you have 100 shares available, the order will be executed. If not, the order will automatically get cancelled.

Benefits of GTC service

At price you want

Stock market investing is not just about buying the right share, but also getting the price right.

Longer Validity

With GTC, you can place an order once and forget about it for up to 1 year.

Multiple Attempts

Allows you to complete the order in stages. Even if a few shares are available at the required price, the order seizes the opportunity and executes.

Buy & Sell

GTC is not just for buy orders, but also sell orders.

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