If you are serious about building wealth, you may want to automate your investment.

Opt for a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) for your equity investments using Autoinvest. This is an investment option that allows you to build an equity portfolio using regular timed investments.

Benefits of AutoInvest


Allows you to invest in both stocks and MFs.

Risk profile

Plans are tailored for you.

Single instruction

Drastically reduces the amount of time you spend on transactions.

Amount-based investments

When you fix a single amount to be invested regularly, you cover multiple market cycles.

Not just buy, but also sell

SIP also gives you the option to sell your stocks if and when you want.


Putting this money into any kind of investment requires work and time. Opting for AutoInvest reduces this time.


You will be investing regularly come what may.


With AutoInvest, you also benefit from the power of compounding

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